May 3, 2017

Can We Learn Again?

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We used to think that one color over another color

was superior.

We used to think that other colors to our color

were inferior.


Time was when another color

had to sit in the back,

had to pick up the slack,

had to drink from the fountain

with the great big crack.


After some time passed

it seemed we came to

our senses we seemed like

had stopped the racial

offenses, tearing down our

highly segregated

barbed wire fences.


The lessons we seemed to have learned

after many neighborhoods were burned

made it seem as if we had turned

away from the hatred that had perpetually churned.


Now in these times many seem re-divided

as what they portray and what they say,

come out of mouths two sided,



and religious differences

seem to have once again


hopefully in time,

once again,

lessons will be learned so that before too many

new fires have destructively burned,

this new wave of hate,

causing many


to demonstrate,

will have peacefully subsided.

April 22, 2017

Pollo Plaza De Morelia

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes the delicious Mexican chicken recipe Pollo Plaza De Morelia



April 19, 2017

Overwhelming The Landscape

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There they stand






a chain whose

useless presence

is cast over

real people

good people

in a dark




ever towering


one after another

miles down the track

involving neighbors

near their homes

not cutting their

properties any slack

like defiant walls

one after another

from Port Leyden

to Lyons Falls

towering over their

homes blocking

out their views

all they have been

told is a shallow


that other supposed “storage”

on unused track near an

unused station is happening

elsewhere all over the nation

no doubt I am sure just

frivolous patronizing misinformation

dismissing other states on tracks

in the open and middle of nowhere

while here in the middle and

edge of towns they bring a

metal ugliness one cannot

compare they do not belong

they should not be there!

April 2, 2017

Intense Flavors

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A good wine is

like a good kiss

you savor it slowly

and cherish its sweetness

as it tantalizes your

senses while wishing its

very essence to never fade.


A good kiss is

like a good wine

you crave its taste

so blissful as it

warms your every

inch with a richness

and flavor that sends your

passions into an

uncontrollable delight.


Both invoke in

the belly the warmth of

a rolling fire

both invoke the joys

of a heart’s great

desire both invoke

the deepest feelings

that never fail

to touch

or inspire.



March 15, 2017

Love Cast Away

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Her heart so melancholy

a sunless day her sky

of clouds a blatant

grey her heart so

dear has sailed this day

across the shoals of



A single tear now fallen

down from eyes so swollen

n’er to see her love now stolen

across the shoals of Dungarvan.


Where will her own future lie

will the shoulders return onto

which she can cry or

will her dreams of all

her tomorrows die

across the shoals of Dungarvan?


He sails as his passion as a shantyman

he was fashioned to the crew to which

he did resort and the captain to which

he did report as if the love from her arms

they did extort

across the shoals of Dungarvan.


Many long days without his laughter

in her ears.

Many long nights without his strength

to calm her fears.

Each day she must bare is a loss of

a thousand years

across the shoals of




March 5, 2017

33 45 and 78!

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dsc03345Round and flat

most are black

some are larger

each side with four

or five

some are smaller

each side

one track.


Little by little they went away

with no one thinking

they would be back

such a loss of the art

of the cover so many

like a portrait or a

mural or a scene

all masterpieces so beautifully

designed on a cardboard

perfect square even

“The White Album” was a great

expression so minimal

so bare.


Then they wanted everything smaller

they wanted their music

more compact thinking that

in the new “digital age” to

more consumers a smaller

disc they could



Previously made covers were

re-printed but new art was

not being created the new cd

was too small for its cover to be

like a work fit for a museum wall

credits, notes, and song inspirations

were hardly written

or not present at all.


Now out the bins

of the background and

underground’s collectors

they have been recovered

they have been uncovered

they are popular again

they have been rediscovered.



February 26, 2017

Scenes from The Dominican Independence Day Fiesta in Utica, NY

February 14, 2017

Chicken In Sweet Wine Sauce

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Migueltio The North County Latino makes the Boricua recipe Pollo En Vino Dulce or Chicken In Wine Sauce “A La Criolla”




February 12, 2017

In Winter

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Winter winds

and snows rage

as the grey days linger on.


Snow gives way to

ice not so nice

on the roads or nearby trails.


Branches fall under

the icy weight causing

damage to trees, wires, and homes.


Why is winter so icy so

cold so icy so bitter putting

us on a vice grip hold.


So much too about the life

we have known seems to have

frozen our skins clear to the bone.


They expect our children

to attend schools

while they have no intention

of supplying the tools

instead spending out on

their chartered jewels

to lead they appoint

educational fools

who have no conception of

the necessary rules

thinking children’s brains

are only shadowed remains

that float aimlessly

like stagnant pools.


We are at an intellectual winter

much colder


than nature’s season

of snow

we cannot let them freeze

our children’s futures

from the right and means

to learn and grow.




January 26, 2017

Weight Of The Wood

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Living with the wood



resilient wood on the

beautiful native White

Pines dotting the yard

my yard and the

neighbors yard almost all

like fields behind my house.


The tall pines around us

some Spruce others Scotch

not as tall as the White Pines

native to our land others were

imported so they adjusted

they may be tall but to

the Whites they are small.


The wood so beautiful and stout

stands guard over nature offering

a home for birds, squirrels, and a

café filled with feed for deer,

ground hogs and others in or

among its needle-toned branches.


The branches filled with green

and the pinecones that add

such a beautiful scene

stretch out to touch the heavens

except for when their biggest

fears are realized

on the days when falling

ice has materialized

they are weighted down

like the chains on the

slave-rowers of Ancient

Rome leaning hard

creating havoc for every

creature calling each branch

their apartment home

they have to vacate like

The Barrio or Bronx

in the old days

but instead of a landlord’s

arsonist fires

they are at the

mercy of Nature’s ways.


Under the ice

under the weight

so down

so hard

the wood does fall

crumbling to the

ground like The Berlin Wall

leaving room for new

branches to one day


one day shine

one day show

the world their natural beauty.



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