June 24, 2017

My NYC Trip 2017

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Migueltio The North Country Latino visits NYC. This time he stops at Moore St. Market in Brooklyn, San German Music and Jose Albino Music, also in Brooklyn, as well as Despana Foods in SoHo.


June 20, 2017

Stop Erasing The True Colors

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DSC03528Can you see?

Can you see


Do you see

do you see

me do you

see the real

me part of

me all of me?

I am here

in front of

your face do

I strike fear

into your happy

place I have a

face I have a

voice If you will

not see or hear

me that is your

ignorant choice.

I have a real

mind a real

heart a real

soul I am of

real color with

real joy to



Every day you

pass me by

you have a

chance to see

my eyes instead

you opt to keep

your eyes on your

prize your little

device like artificial

eyes in disguise full

of artificial love

that only spreads

real lies as you

return to your




glass shoebox

that makes you

feel entitled to

rise higher than

the realities that

are found below

the skies.


People sleeping on

the floor on the

ground while you

have your earbuds

to drown out the

sound of the

many hard workers

around you whose

futures have drowned

while you pay homage

only to your royal

self whom you feel

entitled to have



The links of the

chain of chains

is choking the

urban vibe into

a suburban pain

while chains

themselves are

struggling and

closing more and

more the cities get

a hosing down defacing

with more chains

popping giving indy

business and

neighborhood character

a mindless replacing.


The expression and

character of the

theatre the

musicals the

plays even

Broadway The

Great White Way

who is to say they

are immune every

overture every

entr’acte every

TONY winning

tune who’s to

say that some

day all those

theatres couldn’t

get shown the way

being chased to The

Jersey Burbs in a really

big hurry with a

senseless vision of

“A Musical Mall” or

a village of theatres

like Branson



Walk with me

dance with me

hear my music

see my art

read my poetry

eat my food

learn my language

wear my clothes

choosing just one

one of those

would give you a

true and proactive

start toward

experiencing what life

in New York or other

cities could be you

need to come down

to earth this planet

of your birth and

visualize and

realize and

rationalize so that

maybe we can

rematerialize what lives

in New York and

other cities should




June 19, 2017

When The Fall Is Taken

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Where and when

does life begin

to end in its

significance in

its enjoyment

is it measured

only by triumph

is it significant

only by employment?


When do the steps

you walk begin

to end after years

down the long

sidewalk with a friend

or through the barren

woods all in the name

of the goods

whose dependency

you cannot defend

whose walls blocking

a happiness that

you cannot pretend?


When and how do they

start those sounds

of those noises

who turn against

your forward progress

with deceptive

degrading voices

that suddenly force

you to make near

deadly choices?


When and why does one

stop flying their flag

of glory when and why

does one alter their

heart and soul story

trading in their fun

ride down a waterslide

for a plummet into

a boulder laden





June 12, 2017

Every Step Mattered

Every Step Mattered


Many marched today

they marched today in

a way that in the past

they could only


that they wanted

some day

to march again

like the


that they finally did



Today many laughed and

waved in pride enjoying

a parade without so

heavy a commercial


compared to the years

where many waved



lamenting the slide



mourning that it had

all but



No Goya

No Jet Blue

No Pepsi or

Coca Cola

No Knorr

No Yankees

No Sprint or



For a while many were angry

that big companies had

rejected but many forgot

that the lifeblood of

this event runs deeper

than the corporates themselves

had ever




Unlike the recent past

the corporate choke

hold this year was

a goner, and thanks

to those negative

corporate choices,

they could march again

for the art

for the poetry

for the music

for the words

for the deeds

for the voices,

for the culture

for the dignity

for the awareness

for the honor!


La Isla itself

needs so much help


let us hope

let us act

let us give

let us pray

that in some way

those there can

have a better say

so that this annual

march is not a mere

display of a place

whose future is

constantly on


for they deserve

as we here do

to have

the ability to chart

a vision toward

a better




May 30, 2017

For Greater Good

Nature sometimes

needs technology

and technology

is beautiful when

it helps nature

endure and prosper.


When the right minds

get together

and learn how much better

a plant can be tended

to and harvested for

greater good for greater


that is one example of when

technology too

is beautiful.


Things are not so beautiful

when mass plantings for

mass production cause

mass sickness and mass

destruction all in the name

of a marketed label that

serves an empty future

to a household table.


Let machines and gadgets

evolve but let the products

of nature do the same in

ways that add to a greater

natural good

not a tasteless










Truly Talented

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She stepped on that stage

at an early age

ever flying high like

a dove having burst

from its cage.


Each year

each song

each style

she worked hard

never letting

a new challenge

deal her a

losing card.


If the rain clouds followed

her after a hard day

when she arrived at

the studio they were chased

right away each step she

rehearsed was like

a bright sun ray.


There was always a

natural light

to her presence

to her flair

that gave off a

commanding essence

that many others

could not compare

even in her younger days

she made a statement

she was there.


She was blest

she was the star

she was most

talented by far

no matter where

life takes her by

truck or by car

she will always float

high like a butterfly

just released from its






May 20, 2017

Pollo Asado in the Red Copper Square Pan

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Migueltio  The North Country Latino tests out the famous Red Copper Square Pan to see if a roast chicken really comes out as perfect as they say on tv.


Sometimes Good To Look Back

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I see bridges burning

over the horizon a fog-like

smoke already building

making vision an entity

of difficulty some saw coming

but others denied.


History was always a teaching

of lessons to make us

better like practicing our

writing of every cursive letter,

we were supposed to learn

from the past from every

war from every scandal we

were supposed to improve with

age like a fine

sharp cheddar.


There are too many for whom

history’s lessons have become

to old whose souls have

been demonically sold leaving

real people and their lives in

the cold casting upon that

fine cheddar a protruding

green mold causing dedication

to fall way from the

fold while the purveyors of

commercialism and terrorism

snicker over their new lost

city of fool’s gold raising a

cloud of fear and doubt

so that no truths be told

taking the high road by

which they can further

withhold what was once

a genuine article of

courageous direction







May 14, 2017

Twenty Three Years Celebrated Today

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Twenty-three years ago


a guy and a gal


woke up early


in separate parts


of town.




Twenty-three years ago, and


two hours later they


were sitting at breakfast he


with her brother, she


among friends.




Two hours later after


that both were waiting


at Sacred Heart for the twelfth


stroke of Noon to cue the


wedding part.




Two more hours later


two loves now spouses


celebrating the day among family


and friends on the fourteenth


of May.










May 5, 2017

About Cinco

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What about

Cinco De Mayo?

What about


What if Mexico

had not won?

What if Mexico

had not defeated

France? What if a

literal army of peasants

had not taken a passionate

persevering stance shutting

down Napoleon The Third’s

military advance?


What more about France

that country we see with eyes

of adventurous romance?

Could a young America have

been its next conquest if

a victory over Mexico would

have afforded such a chance?


The vision was perfect

had it all gone as planned

first defeat Mexico then

advance across

The Rio Grande

join up with Jefferson

Davis to walk with The

Confederates hand in hand

defeating Sherman and Grant

thus forcing Lincoln to surrender

every acre of Yankee land then

eventually turning on Jackson

and Lee forcing Dixie’s armies

to run for the southern coastal

sand thus promoting to England

and Spain a new dominant

French imperial brand.


Could that all really have

happened? Yes, the chance is

distinctively so had it not been for

The Battle of Puebla and a

May Fifth Victory for Mexico.


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