August 13, 2017

4 Layer Refrigerator Dessert

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes a 4 layer refrigerator dessert that is great for the summer and not too heavy!


August 9, 2017

Daily Tides

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A sunny afternoon

tames the breezes


that push the water

further inward toward


the shores of my destiny

that receive the crashes


of each day’s episodic

purposes in a wake


of many uncountable waves

some uncontrollable some


pristine and more maneuverable

through each day’s wading into


uncharted and unknown circumstances

yet to be realized.



Torta De Carne Asado

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes an awesome Mexican beef sandwich, the Torta.

August 3, 2017

La Ciudad

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When visiting a city

do so with respect.


In a city of which you do not reside

you are the guest of those who do.


A city is a living place of living people

and has been for many years.


Buildings were built for its citizens

to live and to function.


Every structure was not built with the satisfaction

to be everybody’s convenient tourist attraction.


Every stairway in every building may not be easiest to everyone

but everyday people who climb those stairs know how to get their daily task done.


Streets and transportation have

helped residents commute to every necessary location.


Things happen in a city as part of everyday life

as there are amazing happenings on some days and some of struggle and strife.





July 27, 2017

La Esencia

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estar cerca a ti

estar proximo a ti.


tus ojos cautivantes

tus ojos deslumbrantes.


tu pelo, negro o rojo, y doroso

tu pelo vibrante y tan hermoso.


tu piel café y oscuro

tu piel caramelo, dulce, y puro.


besar tu cara y tus labios sabrosos

besar tu cuello y tus pomulos maravillosos.


besar la sombra abajo de tu oreja con trenzas de tu pelo

besarla suave y bella, al lado de tu cuello.


probar de tus espaldas hasta tus piernas

probar tus curvas, tus formas, y tus aromas tiernas.


July 24, 2017

In The Now

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Days become weeks

weeks become months

which become years

with each that pass

we awaken

we function

we go out and


or at least we try

some days we cheer

we laugh

some days we break

down we cry

no matter what happened

the times move on

causing us to ask

through a great

revelation on

a God given day

where did the time go

how did we get here

how did we pass by what

always seemed like a

way off tomorrow?


Why are we mourning

the now as if life

is suddenly an event

filled sorrow pining

for a past that never

existed as if time

now gone is for us

here and now to borrow?


We need to live

today we need to

love today as if

every day is ours

to say “I am going to

give and I am going

to live my best

for every remaining

God given day.”



July 11, 2017

Back Of The Class

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No one likes

to sit in the

front everyone wants

to see but not be seen in

the front not in

a class not at

a presentation not at

a lecture not at

a meeting not at

church maybe at

a sports game maybe at

a theatre depending on

how much one has to

stretch their neck.


Many are almost

threatened by the

front being up by who

or what is being presented

as if they, by all those possibly

behind them will be



The many who enter

first clamor quickly

to the middle or even

quicker to the back

leaving the front

to the late

to the last

as if sitting up

front is the lowest

untouchable caste.



July 7, 2017

Early Summer On Limekiln

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A June afternoon

a cloud filled sky

sun shining high

canoes and kayaks

paddling by the

beach uncrowded

not yet July.


The beautiful pines

the maple trees

tall and pristine

with vibrant needles

and broadened leaves

full of life

glorious green.


A lake of blue

of current so gentle

helping to spiritually

renew and settle down

issues so dramatic so

mental waters so

calm not over run

by crowds

from a popular hotel

or vacation rental.


A beautiful day

a beautiful breeze

a beautiful mountain

covered by trees

a beautiful family

having fun

basking in the

light of the beautiful

summer sun.







July 2, 2017

What Beauty Can Do

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The beauty of every

blossom on every

flower the beauty

of every song and

all its words

the beauty of every

hillside kissed

by the noontime sun

the beauty of light

shining from the moon

on a cloudless night

the beauty of the scent

of the finest wine and

the sweetest honey the

beauty of the rain washing

down feeding the soil

moistening the leaves of

the trees cleansing the body

whose heart is filled with

joy from every drop that

falls upon the skin caressed

by the sun which shines

from her eyes filling

the belly with a fire

that produces chills

and shivers down the

back and tickles in the

ribs her beauty brings

about an inspiration of

love that can be seen in

everything and

everyone with whom

she comes in contact.





June 24, 2017

My NYC Trip 2017

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Migueltio The North Country Latino visits NYC. This time he stops at Moore St. Market in Brooklyn, San German Music and Jose Albino Music, also in Brooklyn, as well as Despana Foods in SoHo.


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