May 30, 2017

For Greater Good

Nature sometimes

needs technology

and technology

is beautiful when

it helps nature

endure and prosper.


When the right minds

get together

and learn how much better

a plant can be tended

to and harvested for

greater good for greater


that is one example of when

technology too

is beautiful.


Things are not so beautiful

when mass plantings for

mass production cause

mass sickness and mass

destruction all in the name

of a marketed label that

serves an empty future

to a household table.


Let machines and gadgets

evolve but let the products

of nature do the same in

ways that add to a greater

natural good

not a tasteless










February 14, 2017

Chicken In Sweet Wine Sauce

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Migueltio The North County Latino makes the Boricua recipe Pollo En Vino Dulce or Chicken In Wine Sauce “A La Criolla”




July 17, 2016

Sweet Prune Ice Cream

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Prune Ice Cream for a hot summer day.

March 26, 2016

With Two Hands

Once again
as every year
the syrup once
again I make
the syrup
the sweet
the bitter
made each year
with my own
two hands
I add the water
I add the brown
sugar with my own
two hands I add
the cinnamon
sticks the cloves
to make the sweet
then add the anise
to make the bitter
stirring constant
dedicated made from
scratch made each year
with my own two hands
the ever rising steam
adding aroma about the
house to add a flavor
to the pangs of
fasting remembering
the favor of
love everlasting
done for us all with
His own two hands.
Anise syrup for
to have for a minimal
Good Friday breakfast.

March 6, 2016

Pollo En Vino Dulce ~ Chicken In Sweet Wine

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes the Boricua recipe Pollo En Vino Dulce!

January 21, 2016

Mango Chicken Tinga

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Mango Chicken Tinga

January 6, 2016

Colombian Coffee Flan

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Colombian Coffee Flan to kick off his 7th Season!!

October 21, 2015

Pan De Muertos


4 loaves of Pan De Muertos just made today!!

October 14, 2015

Cheesy Butternut Squash Pupusas

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Butternut Squash and Cheese Pupusas for a Salvadorean fall treat!! Pupusas, a delicacy from El Salvador, are like grilled rolls made from cornmeal, and filled with a variety of ingredients.

September 13, 2015

Chicken with Pine Nuts and other things!!

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This is a Spanish Feast of Chicken in Pine Nuts (Pollo con Pinones), a salad of Butternut Squash, Couscous, and Dried Cranberries and a dessert of Candied Squash Pastry Bars (Banda De Almendra).

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