May 30, 2017

For Greater Good

Nature sometimes

needs technology

and technology

is beautiful when

it helps nature

endure and prosper.


When the right minds

get together

and learn how much better

a plant can be tended

to and harvested for

greater good for greater


that is one example of when

technology too

is beautiful.


Things are not so beautiful

when mass plantings for

mass production cause

mass sickness and mass

destruction all in the name

of a marketed label that

serves an empty future

to a household table.


Let machines and gadgets

evolve but let the products

of nature do the same in

ways that add to a greater

natural good

not a tasteless











February 12, 2017

In Winter

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Winter winds

and snows rage

as the grey days linger on.


Snow gives way to

ice not so nice

on the roads or nearby trails.


Branches fall under

the icy weight causing

damage to trees, wires, and homes.


Why is winter so icy so

cold so icy so bitter putting

us on a vice grip hold.


So much too about the life

we have known seems to have

frozen our skins clear to the bone.


They expect our children

to attend schools

while they have no intention

of supplying the tools

instead spending out on

their chartered jewels

to lead they appoint

educational fools

who have no conception of

the necessary rules

thinking children’s brains

are only shadowed remains

that float aimlessly

like stagnant pools.


We are at an intellectual winter

much colder


than nature’s season

of snow

we cannot let them freeze

our children’s futures

from the right and means

to learn and grow.




August 1, 2016

Election Season

Every day that passes is
like walking through
a trough of quick dry cement.
At first we think we can
pass through it at first
we think we can really
do it as each step we
try to take with it envisioning
the best that we can
make with it but the further
we plod we are more and
more stuck in it seeing
the promise dry up we instead
say the fuck with it
we see dread
our dreams
hanging by a thread
against an overwhelming
current we desperately
tread trying to serve
our children daily bread enabling
their appetite for achievement to
be fed hoping light will
cast upon the tunnel ahead
to end our disappointment in what
the politician said that the
good is on the way and the
bad can now be shed while the
will of the voters was left for
dead on the congressional floor in
a puddle of red striving stronger for
recovery we have sweat we
have bled we must keep what is
good and right from nodding
off to bed.

May 11, 2016

Hand Me Not Down

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Hand Me Not Down
Can I wish my past
away no I cannot
but my past is not
to be driven down the
throats of what is my
future as the same
path taken once 30 to
40 years ago needs to be
She is my future
as are the others so as I
will decrease, they must
increase, but I will not
sit back and let their futures
only serve me I want them
to be healthy I want them
to be happy I especially
want her to veer away
from the journey I had to
take that lasted more
than a lifetime to reverse
in direction.
I had no guidance
I had no talking sense
I had no hope given
to what would be my
future tense
for her I want health
to be a better choice
and to make better sense
I will work with her
try with her
not let it go
as stupid inconvenience.

May 2, 2016

Where Are We Headed?

So many unknowns lying
ahead so many choices
to be made based on so
many decisions or mistakes of
the past.
Where is Puerto Rico going?
How will it recover from this
monetary disaster as many
more are leaving faster and
faster will this jewel of The
Caribbean lose its shine can
it continue to exist as
a commonwealth design?
Where is Ecuador going?
How will it recover from this
natural disaster as many are
dying faster and faster will
this beautiful well governed
South American nation be
beautiful again for each
future generation?
Where is The Middle East going?
How will it recover from such
war torn disaster as many more
are fleeing countries faster and faster
only to be disenfranchised as they
are turned away at each border
joining up and letting ISIS
become the new order?
Where is America going?
How will it recover from
this political disaster as
more hatred keeps spreading
faster and faster is there
any real choice who does
NOT possess the voice  of “You are
the slave, I am the master”?

April 23, 2016

Cura Ecuador

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Ecuador provendra
su gente otra vez
sera feliz otra vez
pasa la tragedia
que paso en este mes.
Gritamos por Ecuador
lloramos por todo
la nacion
rezamos que el futuro
se mejora
la situacion.
La voz de Ecuador
es tan maravillosa
como la cancion
de una paloma
Ecuador provendra
de los escombros
de la muerte
reconstruira su honor
su belleza
y fuerte.

February 28, 2016

Journeys Ahead

Facing so much

dead ahead so many

factors and decisions

not knowing what will

truly occur.

Was it really me

that made this happen

was it the way I

was made that made

her that made this

road ahead so uncertain

in destination?

She walks down the

many roads with many

stops to make along

the way and as she

does the distractors

arise from the woodworks

before her she

stops she listens to

their lingo some she lets

take to the leaves along

the side some she offers

to join for the ride.

She knows them she

knows their names and

never forgets no matter

the time or the place

but they no matter the

good who treat her right

or the others who treat

her with contrite they all

know not her daily plight

that restricts her by day grips

her by night against which she

will not go down without

a fight despite the grim

defiant shadows she vows

each moment to take

delight she deflects their

toxins reflects her light

determined to forge a

future so bright.



December 11, 2015

To What End When?

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What day

what way

will  the blood

be shed

will the

prophecy be


to confirm

what has

been said

that the time

we must tread

bringing pain

to the head

as the mind

fills with dread

counting hearts

to be bled

into rivers

flowing red

from the call

for the dead

generating just

a thread

of the peace

mostly fled?


When we least

expect it

to what end will

time subject it

that security will

neglect it

as the voices

dreaming of


shouting louder

will object it

or will defense

get off the

fence just in

time to

deflect it?



November 10, 2015

Will Freedom Last Forever?

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We walk free day

after day to wherever

we happen to be going

focused on our destination

while in our mind knowing

that no one has the right

to be slowing us down

from our progress ahead.

So many cry out today

about Socialism. When

they do, do they really know

what TRUE Socialism is

anymore? Do they remember

the long Cold War when

we all feared that nukes

could settle the score?

Do they remember The Wall

and Reagan’s call for that

wall to finally fall?

How funny we kids thought

of the ways Soviet

kids must be taught

that they could only

be what the government

could see, keeping them

from being what they

individually thought.

My biggest memory I

can never dismiss

was how Russians

and Cubans once

Christian faithful

were barred from Christmas

every year the same

statement on Christmas

Night on the nightly news

that “The Soviet Government

officially recognized the existence

of Christmas but dismissed

Santa Clause as a product

of capitalist propaganda.”

Every year that same

statement from Tom Brokaw,

Peter Jennings, or Dan Rathor

about places where

freedom and joyful

celebration did not matter.

Do we believe all the

political opinionated chatter

that hardline Socialist

or Communist western nations

could again climb

the ladder steamrolling

their people into a flattened

sticky batter leaving them

to starve while the leaders

get fatter?

Freedom for children

to simply play and climb a fence

instead being blocked by

a wall and troops stiff

and tense. Let us hope

that for all, freedom will


“past tense”.


May 5, 2015

Paying Forward

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We try to make
a plan to which we
look forward.

We look forward with
focus without hesitation
looking forward with
confidence without reservation.

We try to make
a plan that denounces
segregation reduces
aggravation undercuts

We can plan to partake
in recreation we can
plan to partake in
procreation we can plan
to partake in association
not desiring to plan on isolation.

The object is to
have the motivation
toward investment in the
cultivation of one more
future generation
to whom we have the
obligation to defend
from deprivation
nurturing their education
enabling their preparation
to preserve each
diplomatic nation
from falling to
worldwide mutilation.


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