August 1, 2022

Living Free?

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Do we now have a

new norm that every

community event has

the threat of masses

fleeing in a swarm

being randomly


by someone’s mindless


Are we living in 

a reality of all the

movies and video

games every made

where everyday life

includes masses of

mankind being daily


We want our freedoms

we do not want to be

regulated in any way 

but once upon a time

those freedoms did

not include the constant

random attacks on the

many at any event or 

any place an any given



 is what we say but in 

getting ARs or adaptors 

off the streets many 

shout NO WAY when 

more security is brought

up many in charge 

interject NOT TODAY

leaving school principals

local mayors and other

community leaders with

jaws dropped and no

words to say as we

hear on the news of

yet another melee 

why is this how

freedom is lived



Now what was once

thought in big cities

has found its way

to plague small towns

random shootings

and carjackings

why do all of these

scenes have to be 

how freedom looks

and why does 

gunfire have to be

how freedom



April 27, 2016

My Book, Lower Price!!

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Hello! Just wanted to share that my book is now on sale at a lower price!

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Its available in both soft cover and Kindle forms.

I hope some of you will check it out!!  Hugs and have a great day!!



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April 16, 2016

Words On Fire!

As poets we celebrate
the word
the amazing word
we ignite the word
we enhance the word
we elevate the word
we dance
we dance with the word
hoping every word
is as amazing as any
has ever heard!
With our words we
in an ongoing
sharing who we are
what we are
what shines the brightest
in our wishing star
we make the wishes
hoping the listeners
will grant them and
hear every hour
the amazing
soul expounding power
of what we the poets
have to say
have to share
have to with a fine tooth
comb get out of our hair
bringing with our vision
a break from blue despair
as we bring our party
to all who will listen
to all who will hear
to all who will read
to all who will appear
to be touched by every
amazing word
that we sing
with spoken song
off the tips of our
tongues into his or her

March 3, 2016

Advertising My Book!

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Available in both soft cover and ebook version!!



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