May 30, 2017

Truly Talented

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She stepped on that stage

at an early age

ever flying high like

a dove having burst

from its cage.


Each year

each song

each style

she worked hard

never letting

a new challenge

deal her a

losing card.


If the rain clouds followed

her after a hard day

when she arrived at

the studio they were chased

right away each step she

rehearsed was like

a bright sun ray.


There was always a

natural light

to her presence

to her flair

that gave off a

commanding essence

that many others

could not compare

even in her younger days

she made a statement

she was there.


She was blest

she was the star

she was most

talented by far

no matter where

life takes her by

truck or by car

she will always float

high like a butterfly

just released from its







June 5, 2016

Breaking Free

Crowded together
for what seems
like forever to
manufacture a moment
in a plastic-made sun
wearing a manufactured
smile having plastic-made
Beaming through the
sugar coated cracks
is a reality an energy
that despite the differences
the different bodily temples
within which dwell  the different
hearts beating the seconds of every
night and day casts among
us a bond too fine for
the eye to see but strong
enough to draw
together our daily vibrancy.
Through the artificial
smiles and dignities
fastened down with
Elmer’s Glue comes
the gleam of a real
ability electrified
by a true agility
layered with sincere
tranquility reminding us
that we are the true
star despite any
flaw or futility.

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