June 6, 2020

Hope In Pause

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Day in and day out we

moved everywhere

everyday we went

where we wanted we

were transported in

every way as we

came and as we

went we had full

control we had the

full say whereas then

came the new dawn of

a new and different more

isolated day with much of

life living in a different

directed way we are more

planted in one or two or

just a few places to go.


We are attempting to

keep the hope of being

safe and sound establishing

about us a more solid

ground everyday our roots

are stronger in the soil

of our homes where we daily

plant our daily seeds tending

to the soils or our daily and

weekly needs of our living

foundation where we awaken

to execute our daily preparation

where we now work

where we now achieve

where we try to hold on to

hope for the near future

and for the longer run with

each new day with each

rising sun that there will be

the ability of a healthier


next generation.


May 4, 2021

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May 1, 2021

Kentucky Derby Eats

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BBQ with sauce from Hog Heaven (Pawley’s Island SC), homemade sweet potato casserole, slaw, muscadine cider, and Derby Pie.

April 25, 2021

Lasagna A La San Juan

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Lasagna A La San Juan

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April 20, 2021

Virginia Weather Report

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in Richmond




and reeling

in the









April 19, 2021

Along The Interstate

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There is a wall

in front of me

a wall of pines

so tall through which

I can see

a field that could

be someone’s property

it looks dry

it looks barren

if it was mine

could I labor

and bring forth a

fruit worthy

of sharing to those

in need after having

removed every rock

every pest and every


Nearby I see a creek

where some water flows

and some parts are dry

just like my goals and

dreams where some do not

work out so well and some

cash in giving me a

natural high some are

on a smooth navigable

current while some are

unattainable so as to let

them flow on by.

I see a house

next to a vineyard

as I try to imagine

if both could by mine

could I successfully

grow and harvest the

finest grapes this side

of anywhere which

would then allow me to

develop a palette

perfect wine.

Through that wall

of pines so tall

I see scenes of

possibility hoping

that those who

do live in the vast

other side are thankful

for what they have

in life and can

make the best of

every challenge

ending each day

in practical

and peaceful



April 17, 2021

New Day’s Hope’s And Dreams

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Every morning is

a different sunrise

different colorful hues

of oranges

of reds

sometimes purples

some blues

every morning starts

a different day

a new beginning filled

with different morning


As daily tides roll

in and out some dreams

are the same filled with

yesterday’s inspirational

flame with the desire to

be captured on

tomorrow’s picture

frame but not every

dream is a perfect

sculpture in the sand

no matter how firm

was the laboring hand

or as instant as “your

wish is my command”

it can take many tries

to win that five hundred

grand rethinking

reshaping a dream’s


While the tide may look

like it is putting on the same

show there may be a redefined

current so as not to be so easy

for just going with the flow

because a dream cannot

become when the efforts are

bailing nor can it be seen

with just a vision of “smooth

sailing” that can leave it

stranded on the wrong side of

the line in the sand it can

easily get caught up in selfish

pride washing it away in

a sudden riptide a dream

needs a new day’s sunlight

to shine on what we know

so that it does not get washed

 away in someone else’s



April 15, 2021

South Carolina Moon

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Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park SC

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South Carolina Spanish Moss

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