June 6, 2020

Hope In Pause

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Day in and day out we

moved everywhere

everyday we went

where we wanted we

were transported in

every way as we

came and as we

went we had full

control we had the

full say whereas then

came the new dawn of

a new and different more

isolated day with much of

life living in a different

directed way we are more

planted in one or two or

just a few places to go.


We are attempting to

keep the hope of being

safe and sound establishing

about us a more solid

ground everyday our roots

are stronger in the soil

of our homes where we daily

plant our daily seeds tending

to the soils or our daily and

weekly needs of our living

foundation where we awaken

to execute our daily preparation

where we now work

where we now achieve

where we try to hold on to

hope for the near future

and for the longer run with

each new day with each

rising sun that there will be

the ability of a healthier


next generation.


August 5, 2021

Inspiring Presence

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She looks out  

her window 

down below the 

asphalt is a stagnant 

bridge to someplace 

but she sees instead 

a flowing stream 

forming a pathway 

to where her mind 

is presently racing. 

She has contemplated 

more than one side 

of life and while she 

is unsure as to the 

side her feet tend 

to land inside she 

feels the stroke of 

a gentle hand firmly 

stroking up a fire 

in her belly as  

she feels an energy 

tease her ribs 

and pass straight 

down the lengths of 

her legs. 

She gazes across  

to another building 

to another window 

across the way 

another being looks 

back her way and  

between the two 

there seems a 

force strong enough 

to consume 

everything that exists 

in the area of space 

between them. 

A light rain begins  

to fall after the 

other has left 

the window she leans 

out to take in each 

drop that comes her 

way each one as 

a kiss that lands 

perfectly on her 

face she takes  

in more and it 

feels like an 

embrace that 

gives her a  

more confident 

mindset as to 

what she wants 

to do where she 

wants to go and  

how she wants  

to do it. 


July 15, 2021


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Cuba is marching 

many say finally 


Cuba esta marchando 

por la gente 

Cuba is starving 

for food 

for rights 

for a voice 

to make a choice 

that has been  

muzzled now for 

over sixty new 

year’s nights 

when they were 

promised that all 

would be better than 

all that had been 

they were told that 

their island had been 

nothing but vice and 

cultural sin by the 

man in the fatigues 

and the goatee on 

his chin who promised 

that all would be 

treated equal regardless 

of the color of their 

skin they listened 

they believed they 

took it all in 

they thought a beautiful 

future was about to 

begin as he ended 

all his speeches with 

that sinister grin 

knowing he would own 

them through every  

battle he would win 

turning each against 

each other a sister 

informing on her 

brother selling him 

out and turning him 

in land taken 

confiscation of 

beautiful homes 



writers vanished 

generations of  

those with an 

open mind 


many escaping 

in boats on the 

darkest of nights 

bound for  


which was their 

Washington DC 

The lower East Side 

or Washington Heights 

so many hoping that 

other would join the 

show and that everybody 

could go back hand in 

hand in a year or 

so with a dream that 

JFK would overthrow 

little could the loyal see 

and little did they know 

that all Fidel wanted 

was to be the star of 

the show to eat all 

their food to take all 

their dough 

becoming in the face 

of every joven y viejo 

the western world’s 

longest ruling pendejo 

Cuba is marching 

they want something new 

they want change 

they march for freedoms 

and abilities 

long overdue 

they have had it with 

the Castros 

they are spent 



July 13, 2021


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When you speak 

what is it you 

are actually intending 

to say when you  

speak are your  

words an abyss  

of dense grey 

like a clouded over 

day with fog 

in the way 

does your message 

fall apart like 

cracks in the clay 

or can you express 

in a more colorful 

array like the vision 

of a skyline sunrise 

in May that offers  

the mind enlightened 

inspiration with confidence 

and courage to a 

frightened generation 

who has seen its 

dreams fall victim to 

misguided negotiation 

and sold down the river 

with complete fabrication 

of what is right  

for the direction of  

this nation because 

power is only out for its 

own gratification  

enabling speeches  

to be laced with 

plastic liberation? 

So will what you 

have to say 

be positive 


or will it fall 

against the 


and be of  




July 11, 2021

Camp Toast

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Morning sunrise

birds calling

gentle breeze

clouds looming

quiet lake

lightly rippling

leaves bobbing

bullfrogs answering

sleepers waking

flame lighting

water heating

onions peeled

tomatoes washed

both sliced

ham added

cheese adorned

eggs beaten

pan ready

sizzling hot

fabulous smell

frittata created

served well

bread buttered

sides browned

tea ready

solace found.


July 6, 2021

Fast Lane Head On

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She runs the streets 

furious are the faces 

she goes past five-os 

on her tale she’s just  

too damn fast she’s  

havin’ a blast bein’ the 

star of the cast she’s  

 a naughty never nice 

so she won’t finish 


She’s a gal of high fashion 

sniffin’ the snow she’s 

mashin’ with very little 

compassion for her folks 

with whom she’s clashin’ 

their rep she’s been trashin’ 

they want to ration down  

the pay-days she’s been 

cashin’ all the Franklins 

she’s been flashin’ to her 

supplier on the corner  

where she’s constantly 


They caught her jumpin’  

the turnstyle now she’ll have 

to wait a while her mug a little 

smug guilty smirk not a smile 

as they add to her file  

another charge to the file 

her folks let it ring when 

she tries her one dial. 

She’d be headin’ to Rikers with 

all the banger bikers it if wasn’t  

for the guards and the staff  

bein’ strikers  

they find a cel at Sing-Sing 

where her phone can 

never ring-ring  

where she can rehab 

toward a life  

without the vice and 

the bling-bling. 


July 5, 2021

Fabulous Camping at Limekiln Lake (Inlet, NY)

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Summer Grilled Chicken Salad

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May 31, 2021

Beautiful Weekend Among The Vinyards in The Finger Lakes of NY!!

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May 4, 2021

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May 1, 2021

Kentucky Derby Eats

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BBQ with sauce from Hog Heaven (Pawley’s Island SC), homemade sweet potato casserole, slaw, muscadine cider, and Derby Pie.

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