October 10, 2015

Amazing Cycle

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The lights of early

morning put to rest

the plight

of the night

as the dragonfly

now takes its absence

in the ragweed until

dusk calls it to action

once again.

My skin is overcome

with a fervor I cannot

understand as I feel an

energy about me that

sensitizes my desires

evoking what was once

an inert ascendancy

now feeling a resurgent

tendency to receive the

day ahead

soulfully renewed

spiritually re-fed.

Nearby a jet

plane earmarked for its

long flight to come

shines a silver gleam

in the rays of the ascending

perspicacious sun galvanized

in order to effectuate

the wishes the hopes and

dreams of the many it will telpher.

The momentum built within

that carrier sent to ascend

toward Santo Domingo

is what vesicates within me

a desire within my heart for

complete succession of the journey that

holds me impelling each

day’s direction.

Spirits surround me I detect

their presence they bring

about a peaceful realm

that settles about me I cannot

see them as they look at me

but I can sense each one

as they place upon me their

hands of blessing to bring

out from within me the

energy and the will to

make each day a glorious

journey allowing

the dragonfly to t up

flight as dusk approaches again.


September 27, 2015

A Heartfelt Choice

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A choice was made

based on a voice

to make that very choice

that was burning within me

way down

deep inside.

That voice kept calling

to me as a fire that would not

for that matter could not

ever fathom its way

out of me

from within.

But like the blazes

in California, even the most

overwhelming over-burning

fire can change its course

with a different focus

from its source.

What is one minute

the most passionate priority

can change in the most rapid

flash of only the most brief light

making something new

more important.

Being there for family has

to take priority over

being in a great place to

only MAYBE see a great face

who with his

great voice

would tell me to make

the very same




September 23, 2015

Directing The Senses

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Making the crazy

distinction between

what is clearly as

it seems what is

foggy as forgotten

dreams what has

fled like rapid streams

there must be some

notion that one thing

over another is genuinely

real that the other

is only the attempt to

steal from what is

clearly the real deal.

Knowledge is power

but adding vision puts

it all at the top of

the hour increasing

the might and the

height of the tower

causing the taste of

defeat to go sour

while victory will

end up as sweet

as the flower

having blossomed

from the drench

of an inspirational



September 16, 2015

Amoroso Fabuloso

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Un beso profundo

al cuerpo de un amante

es como un lubricante

con passion penetrante.

El pelo del pecho

deja ella alegre y satsifecho,

se desliza suave como crema

no aspero como cieno, a la

bonita escencia

de su piel

de su seno.

La fragancia de ella

tan dulce y su piel destella

cuando el besa

su vientre firme

y bella.

El sabor de su beso

el vino de su boca

causa mucha

vinolencia y soca

al corazon de ella

canta fuerte

y loca.


September 13, 2015

Chicken with Pine Nuts and other things!!

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This is a Spanish Feast of Chicken in Pine Nuts (Pollo con Pinones), a salad of Butternut Squash, Couscous, and Dried Cranberries and a dessert of Candied Squash Pastry Bars (Banda De Almendra).

September 10, 2015

Autumn Light

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On we press as the sun

takes the shape of a ball

now hanging earlier

than even one week back.

We are back

back to busy mornings

giving way to afternoons

exercising many minds.

As time ahead will

pass more darkness will

amass while the light

of knowledge only brightens.

The knowledge spreads as

teachers ignite the torches

whose light is maintained

by the amazing students.


September 4, 2015

Game On!

Where have all the voices gone?

Some are left

intoning their best

keeping things interesting

keeping moments inspiring

while slowly their time

their value

is expiring

as they are thrown

to the back

in exchange for those

who lack.

It really mattered

who said what of who

did what and how they

said of who

where and when

so the moment

big or small

would never

be forgotten.

Recent choices

are lacking

real voices

with any real personality

memorable personality

dryer in taste

than any martini

only settling for flat

soda banter

is if the moment

does not matter.

Dick Enberg,

Brett Mussberger,

Bob Cole,

Vin Scully,

Ted Darling,

Rick Jennerette,

Keith Jackson,

Danny Gallivan,

Al Michaels,

Howard Cossell,

Van Miller,

Curt Gowdy,

Marv Albert,

Phil Rizzuto,

Ralph Kiner,

Mark Lee,

Bob Kostas,

Pat Summerall.

These guys have

or had the voice

and could really

tell it all.


August 30, 2015

Daily Value

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Do not let time


because five years from now you never


you may be replaced as the star of the


what you still think sells will actually


You think you have it all while your back is


behind the scene you are about to get


by new eyes ablaze with all they have


passing judgment on you that your court has


When you least

expect it

and cannot

detect it

like a big


right before your


like you biggest


all will


like a bad


with no


your ratings will


your reputation will



you keep reinventing


keep climbing back

upon the high shelf.

Let them talk

all their smack

while they wish they were


behind your back.


August 19, 2015

An Identity Shared is Published (and available)

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Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for following me.

I wanted to share this in case any of you were interested!! My book “An Identity Shared” is available at Amazon. Its on Amazon Europe as well.  Its a number of my poems, especially my earlier ones, so its not as if “you’ve read them all”. Below is the link.  Please check it out. Love to all!!


August 6, 2015

Summer’s Refreshing

In the summer’s heat

of an arid day many

particles of dust blow

when the occasional

breeze makes a rare

guest appearance.

Breezes as valuable

as Loonies in Toronto

send the dust down

the path running for

cover in directions

generally undermined.

The breeze that blows

down our backs and

across our faces

baked in despair encourages

a change in momentum and

retooling of our dreams.

A Heaven-sent swallow of

refreshing water-like energy

revitalizes our dreams,

our goals, our ambitions so

as not to leave them to

blow with the dust now gone.

Taking that drink before it

too runs dry is a choice

to purchase what money cannot

buy in raising achievements

encouraging accomplishments

of aspirations aimed high.

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