August 29, 2016

Time Transitions

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The sky still rich in

vibrant blue the trees

still rich in chlorophyll



Summer still so bright

with sun is starting to

show its August aging

with mornings much quieter

than months ago

with the sound of

“new bird radio”

as now the crickets

have stolen the show as

their chirp in the field

is more sustained and slow.


Nightfall is beginning to find its

way sooner little by

little one day darker earlier

than yesterday then the next

holding out like the day before as

it always begins inconsistently

as more geese begin to fly

within their V a visual

death toll to the

humidity that will

diminish its

overwhelming grip on

me with Fall taking

over inevitably.




August 22, 2016

Sitting Out In The Drought

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Sitting out on the

deck on a hot dry

evening slowly spooning

wild rice soup.


Sitting out slowly spooning

wild rice soup surveying

the combinations of green

and brown below.


Sitting out on a hot dry

evening hoping for rain to

come to kiss the land

and the plant life below.


The land below me

both brown and green

full of dryness

full of drought

my mind uneasy

full of doubt.


Sitting out on

this hot dry evening

I realize how fortunate

we are as the dark sky

fills with each

shining star.


Just to the north

just to the west

there is no green in

the grass to be seen

all is brown all is

dry no water in the

creeks all the deeper

bodies lower down.


Many more birds

than usual having

fled so much drying

so much dying of which they

have been routinely fed

sitting out I hear

the crickets now inhabiting

their parched dry bed



August 11, 2016

Hot and Dry Rainless Sky

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Dry weeds peeking through
the silt below my feet
dryer than they stretching
as high as they dare try
hoping to find heaven’s relief
while the sun glares back
denying such a request.
The sun beaming down
upon the yards and yards
of metal full of men full
of women who put it to
the pedal sending up a cloud
of smoke that dissipates
during its skyward journey.
Clouds of black coming
about  menacing with
the sun’s plans hoping to
take matters into their
hands feeding only a
little something to the
pleading coming from the lands.
The heat of the day
casting down upon the
many like ink spilling
on the page tires out
the souls having endured it
for multiple hours while hoping
for just a minimal
interlude of nature’s relief.
The river runs dry
where the rocks
pile up blocking its
way toward
its defined

August 9, 2016


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Una chica Japonesa
dijo una vez que
recibir una pintura
al cuerpo es alguien
muy bonita  a los sentidos
y muy agradable al corazon.
Me encanta El Arte
Me encanta las obras de
las artistas y los colores
que usan. Me encanta en
mi alma los colores que
usan y la vista de las imagenes
de las texturas que mezclan.
Me encanta el arte de
la ciudad. No solamente
los museos y galerias, pero
las obras a las edificios y
las murallas de las calles y aviendas.
Deseo que poderia ser
el lienzo, la superficie
por una pintura
de una artista talentosa
recibir una pintura a mi
cuperpo seria una expresion
de mi amor por todos los
colores del piel del mundo
y todo ojo que mirara a mi
me tocara tan profundo.
No quiero un tatuaje
no quiero aguja
colorarme con pena
quiero dedos ligeros
y cepillos suaves acarisiarme
como la cancion de una quena.
Averique detalles como una fiesta
de Pintura del Cuerpo en Nueva York
alguien puede entrar y ser un parte
mi corazon seria abierto por la artista
recibirme mi corazon seria abierto
por la artista expresar su amor
de colores a mi mi corazon sera
abierto recibir colores a cada
pulgada de mi cuerpo.
En mi corazon tengo
mucho alegre y mi alma
es satisfecho de cada
aliento de pasion
de mi vientre
y mi pecho
acuesto en los
manos de la artista
estoy desnudo de
la ropa convencional
pero mi ropa nueva
liquido de muchos  colores
es una expresion
tan sensacional.
Con orgulloso pase en el
desfilito de cuerpos
con muchas personas miran
a mi con admiracion y
respeto mientras ajajo
la pitura estoy me rubizorando
de las expresiones de
amor y afeto.
Pero cuando ir a
Nueva York no tengo
bastante tiempo
para entrar,
por el arte de
mi cuerpo
tengo que

August 1, 2016

Election Season

Every day that passes is
like walking through
a trough of quick dry cement.
At first we think we can
pass through it at first
we think we can really
do it as each step we
try to take with it envisioning
the best that we can
make with it but the further
we plod we are more and
more stuck in it seeing
the promise dry up we instead
say the fuck with it
we see dread
our dreams
hanging by a thread
against an overwhelming
current we desperately
tread trying to serve
our children daily bread enabling
their appetite for achievement to
be fed hoping light will
cast upon the tunnel ahead
to end our disappointment in what
the politician said that the
good is on the way and the
bad can now be shed while the
will of the voters was left for
dead on the congressional floor in
a puddle of red striving stronger for
recovery we have sweat we
have bled we must keep what is
good and right from nodding
off to bed.

July 26, 2016

My Day in NYC!! 7/23/16

July 25, 2016

Let Us Change Our Minds

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We need to reconsider
what we value of life.
We need to ask ourselves
what it is we really
hate and why we
really hate it.
We need to reassess
our morals and figure
out what it is that brought
us into such a kill-based
mentality a hate-based
morality an “I’m
better than all of you”
We say all lives matter
but in the next breath
we stab someone in the back.
We stand by all the
slogans to keep calm
or strong but below the
superficial surface our plastic
has begun to crack.
No matter which side
no matter the color
of our external hide
we need to lower our
hate and let our
heart guide so that
this God Given
life is not some reckless
intoxicated ride.

July 17, 2016

Sweet Prune Ice Cream

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Prune Ice Cream for a hot summer day.

July 14, 2016

A Blessing Realized (Dedicated to my friend blogger at her page”Beautybeyondbones”)

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A life that keeps
on living
a gift  that keeps
on giving
a heart that keeps
on beating
a warmth that keeps
on heating.
A decision she made
to be here for keeps
as she lights up the
city that never sleeps
marching forward pursuing
her acting career
not succumbing to trivial
anxiety or fear
she gives thanks to
God for all He has
seeing each new day
as an all new
she recognizes past
times past mistakes
she delights in
the gift
every new day

July 6, 2016

Outshining Darkness

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Morning awakens
her smile as she
surveys the city
far below while enjoying
tea high on her
She gazes out remembering
a love who once gazed
back who took her eyes
off of the skies
who promised her heart
that they would never
part only to leave
her soul disposed of
down a Grand Concourse
Her radiance takes over
her face now shining
brighter than the morning
lights of the sun
gleaming off every metallic
structure from where she
stands to Washington Heights.
Off to work she passes
many at a present loss
to crack a smile but somewhere
deep somewhere within
a joyful vibe does begin when
passing by her vibrant style.
Many hours of her
many days her refection
is of beauty like the
sun’s warming rays
later on as the day
fades in favor of
the oncoming night
she outdoes the moon
with her shining
loving light.
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