June 6, 2020

Hope In Pause

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Day in and day out we

moved everywhere

everyday we went

where we wanted we

were transported in

every way as we

came and as we

went we had full

control we had the

full say whereas then

came the new dawn of

a new and different more

isolated day with much of

life living in a different

directed way we are more

planted in one or two or

just a few places to go.


We are attempting to

keep the hope of being

safe and sound establishing

about us a more solid

ground everyday our roots

are stronger in the soil

of our homes where we daily

plant our daily seeds tending

to the soils or our daily and

weekly needs of our living

foundation where we awaken

to execute our daily preparation

where we now work

where we now achieve

where we try to hold on to

hope for the near future

and for the longer run with

each new day with each

rising sun that there will be

the ability of a healthier


next generation.


February 20, 2021

Dancing Fantasy

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She comes home

after work to her

quiet river view

apartment after a

long day with a

crowded commute.

She puts on something

lighter fixing some tea

she takes it to the

window looking out over

The East River with the

hope that tomorrow will

be a little brighter.

Her gaze across the river

is frozen in time not to

the bright lights across

but to the place she was

last night enjoying the

music that within her soul

a fire ignites.

In the club on the floor

she was absolutely dazzling

as she swung her curves and

let the Salsa take her hips away

into the arms of everyone

she danced with.

Dancing so intense that gave

her shoulders a light glistening

sweat enhanced by the

flashing colors from the

ceiling above that gave her

skin a shining

shimmering glow.

In her present state

of mind she could not

stop recalling how last

night’s Salsa would find

her feeling blushes in

her dimples a burning in

her belly and tickles in

her ribs that made her

want to dance again.


Facing The Music

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It’s not enough to just listen

to the music it’s the plethora

of words that come from the

heart within that speak to the

souls and the minds taking a

breather from their everyday

furies to listen to deeply listen

to what is shaking down the

walls breaking down the

barriers that separate

everyone in the musty dimly

lit halls of the chambers of

inspiration that travel from

one mind to the next in order to

unwind what has been nearly

choked to death like the addict

who uttered a last breath as

their life was squandered being

high on meth we have to be the

ones who do not ignore while

Texas is freezing we cannot just

run through the plane door

hoping to hide on the Cancun

shore knowing very well the

present score leaving our

responsibilities flat on the icy

floor we are the singers of all

the musical notes matched with

the lyrics that sing out from our

musical throats we not only sing

the inspirational verses that come

from the fires in our bellies and

our hearts we also have to actually

act out the parts deflecting the

heresy dodging the darts from

those who wish to flatten the

wheels and break down our apple

carts we cannot let their frozen

hate and their icy stares distract

from the devotion to what is good

within our daily works and affairs

as they try to hurt us by pulling out

our chairs let it be known to all

that the one who tries to keep

life’s goodness locked in a little

box in their drawer will always be

defeated by the love of the one

who reaches out

and shares.


February 16, 2021

Mardi Gras Chicken Bog!!

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February 1, 2021

Fabulous recipes from great places to eat (found online and made at home)

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1. BBQ made like The Schoolhouse in Scranton,SC

2. The Autumn Squash Soup at Panera Bread. (Great any time of the year).

3. The Banana Pudding from The Magnolia Bakery of NYC/LA

Fabulous Snowshoeing Trek!

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January 23, 2021

The Common Good

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No good thing is pure

perfection and in all good

things there are needs for

improvement there are

elements worthy of

constructive criticism and

ultimate rejection that

should only come after

responsible thought and

rightful reflection.

Good things are supposed to

be meant not only for some

but for all who are eligible

to partake without separating

with a discriminating law or

a restricting wall aimed to keep

some members of mankind from

walking proud and standing tall

as every town every city every

community needs to make their

wall fall and seek unity against

lies against undeserved

aggression against suspicion

against falsehood and self

absorbed deception as we

know Democracy is not

perfect but we hold a

fair-run election where every

voice gets to make a choice

towards their view of the

country’s direction and one

cannot force a change of

process by some hostile

insurrection whereby instead

of curing what one thinks

are the nation’s ills

they themselves become

the great infection!


January 20, 2021

Glowing Icicles

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January 17, 2021

Happy Sunday Morning!!

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January 16, 2021

Picnic Pie with veggies accompanied by Montezuma’s Cranberry Bog and chocolate cake for dessert!!

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January 11, 2021


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