July 7, 2018

Keep Calm And Give It Time

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Dear Al Roker,

You are always

great at bringing out

the best our country has to offer.


In every location you

travel to you highlight

what makes that

place tick

from the best deli or diner

to the best ice cream

the best theatre, festival

or attraction you always have a way of

searching out the action that keeps the

locals residing there

filled with satisfaction.


But what about New York?

What about your own New York,

that unique New York

that once was not just a carbon

copy of chain suburban shopping

or dining now as every week passes

more New Yorkers born and bred

are pining for the “Joey’s” or the “Stella’s”

and any other independent brick and mortar

or unique mom and pops who

little by little are being replaced

by chains as they close up their shops.


New York is a city

that cannot be wrapped up

in a squeaky-clean package

New York is a city

that cannot be controlled

while for now politicians and

big money real estate brokers

and developers think that

New York can be sold

leaving its tired

its poor

its huddled masses

stranded in the cold.


You cannot control expression

and culture you cannot

leave either for dead to be

devoured by the circling vulture.


New York for now may

appear to be wrapped up

in a trendy package

that may seem to squeaky

clean suburban out of town

visitors to be a glorious super

sized shopping mall but do

not be fooled as time passes

there will be a great

rise of the masses

whose strength



and inspiration

will come forth to

reclaim it all.


New York will never

totally be what the

present trendy gurus

say, New York will

never totally be a

mirror of Disney’s

Main Street USA

as more and more

chains close locations

nationwide, soon they

will be forced to close

the locations East Side

West Side all around the

town as eventually the

chain choke hold on

The Sidewalks of New York

will gradually begin to drown

hopefully giving a city back

to its people, hopefully, I say,

allowing them to polish off,

once again, New York’s

expressive and inspirational






June 12, 2018

Bound And Determined

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Bound and Determined

She looks out over

her horizon

before her.


Her hair jet

black long down

her slender back.


She looks out with focused

yet guarded

wanting eyes.


She is hoping to see someone

come to her in the

distance of the sunsetting evening skies.


She does not freely let

just anyone in to how hard or not

her days of life have been.


Love is her desire

wishing for someone

to douse her lips on fire


She knows her

accomplishments yet

she is lonely

she feels blest

to have what

she has but she also

feels like the one and only

not to be supported

not to be celebrated

not to be comforted

she looks out

over her future before her

with sharp

almost uninviting eyes

determined only to take on

what each day

will afford her

expecting to one day

claim her life’s prize.




June 3, 2018

Twice Cooked Pasta With Seafood!

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Its REALLY healthy with the rice pasta!!

May 21, 2018

Tragedy On Deaf Ears

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Were you listening to

the voices who wanted

you to make reasonable

political choices?


Were you listening to

the protests about a

situation so grotesque?


Did you listen to

the shouts and cries

of the multitudes who

wanted you to open your

eyes instead of giving in

to the funded lies that

any legislation would be

seen as some compromise

to our rights, in their eyes,

while yet another shower of

bullets flies and another

group of the innocent



Didn’t you hear

that the shouts from

the many young and old

were a jeer

not a cheer?

It was a warning

that with no action taken

there would be another

tragic school



Didn’t you hear

how tired they are of having

to go to school in fear?


Did you hear

that this year

our country has laid

more students in a

cemetery than anyone

involved in our military?


There is nothing wrong with the

hunter or collector to have a gun

for respectful, even good fun

but for those who think they need

such military capacity rounds,

join The Army, The Navy, The Airforce,

The Marines,







May 17, 2018

Those Carolina Summers

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DSC03841I remember the haze.

I remember the days

in the haze

when we and everybody

else would get up early and go

about our morning ways


The drive on over to

where everybody plays

fixing our gaze

on the coastal

craze making sure we

got off before the heaviest

rays fried us up like a

barbecue with Carolina



Those hotter than blazes

hot summer days

when everybody crowds

the beaches of the coastal

resorts, the inlets, the

islands, the bays,

are NOT a short term

passing phase

but a three month

feast by the UV Rays

where the skin

if left unscreened





May 1, 2018

Ins and Outs

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Out of mind

out of sight

out of danger

into the light.


Out of focus

out of bounds

out of issues

on to higher grounds.


Out of jeopardy

out of line

out of place

into a new sign.


Out of sense

out of reflection

out of air

into a better direction.


Out of worry

out of love

out of graces

on the wings of a dove.


Out of meaning

out of destiny

out of anxiety

into giving the best of me.


Out of speed

out of fascination

into giving for the good

of the next generation.



April 8, 2018

Happy Tomato Pie Day!

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If you’ve never tried even a piece of Tomato Pie before, add it to your bucket list!!

April 7, 2018


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It is snowin’

today its snowin’

again its snowin’

and its blowin’

my mind away

wondering soon

if EVER I will

wake up to a

nicer more normal

spring day?


So what is

normal will the

day ever come

when I can go

outside without

bundling up so

I do not freeze

because after all

according to

“someone we know”

Global Warming

is just a myth invented

by The Chinese.


This is just crazy

crazy weather

crazier than I can

ever remember to

be freezing day

in and out this April

after broiling in the

nineties day in and

out last September!





March 25, 2018

Spring Breakout!

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It is time to break

out from the bonds

of past constraints

it is time to break

down the toxic barriers

caused by melodramas

and complaints.


It is time to break out

from the winter that

has kept us frozen in

one position, preventing

us from reaching for

better in a spring of

mobile transition.


Yesterday needs to be a

teaching tool of where

we came from and what

can be achieved while within

our today we need to cast

away those who are toxic and

only out to deceive.


Neither time nor

experience are elements

one can borrow, no one

but one’s self can invest

in what one needs to do

one’s best in continuing

toward a better brighter



Let no one make

someone believe

that they are not

worth the time

by spending each

day giving just the

minimum they are

selling their listeners

out for a value less

than a dime

what a crime

to waste the time

instead of empowering

or inspiring

so many are only

clocking in

then clocking out

while leaving their

charges wallowing in

an abyss of slime.


It is time to break out

and release the self

doubt before it

shrouds our


into its dark

desolate prime.




March 18, 2018

Walking Out

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They walked

because their leaders

have only talked.


There was talk of

making things better

but all that was said


was sent straight away

to the office of dead ears

and of the dead letter.


Any bill introduced to

get firearms reduced was

rung through the paper shredder.


They walked

and I am proud of them

in making their voices heard.


This generation

like my generation

deserves a quality education.


But let there be added one

important word, a quality

SAFE education.


God Bless all students

faculty and staff of all




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