October 17, 2016

Is It A Wonder?

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The wonder of how

time changes the temperatures

change as the winds get

cooler and the chills begin

running up and down my back

reminding me that the warmth

I enjoyed for the last few

months will be gone until next



The wonder of climactic

change as the leaves turn

their colors showing off

their vibrancy in a last

hurrah of glorious light

as the darker times

begin to increase in

length keeping the sun

visually hidden.


Change in patterns of

weather and air streams

are awakening major activities

that for a period were more

dormant and inactive as

for a time this time of year

was more attractive.


Is it a wonder of the climactic

changes in the ways people

act humanely expecting our

trust and support one minute

but in the next one on the

attack condescending or

crucifying their opponent

or the rest of the pack in

ways that we did not have

to deal with in similar

occasions in years back?


Myself, I am not a member of

“the good old days club” where

the past is all that is good and

the present change is way too

strange the change into each

year is for me to cherish not

to fear my only wish with the

annual beauty of fall is that

politicians could say their

piece and be more humane

in a style more invoking




October 6, 2016

These Campaigns

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Every politician

on the attack

every politician

needs to set down

their arsenals and

sit down with their

opponent and have

a little snack maybe

a latte maybe a Big Mac

taking for a minute their

eyes off the prize of accusing

all the others of the

dirtiest lies.


They need to sit down

and simply remember

how people can actually

get along together simply

agreeing to disagree letting

voters decide who the

winner will be.


Every politician who is

on the attack is a person

themselves totally wack

with a narrow mind that

does not know jack

who totally needs a

whack in the back for

always giving flack and

always talking smack

to the debate moderators

they need to cut slack

interrupting every question

with more yackety-yack

after a while it is like hearing

an old duck quack with so

many voters wishing to

fall through the crack thinking

no candidate will ever

win them back.



September 30, 2016


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Why does a child kill?

What does a school have to drill

that a child might kill?

That is a sickness

that does not flow inside me

but makes me quite ill!



September 25, 2016

Lives That Matter

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Do Black lives matter?

Do White lives matter?

Do Brown lives matter?

Do Yellow lives matter?

Do Red lives matter?

Do Christian lives matter?

Do Muslim lives matter?

Do Jewish lives matter?

Do Hindu lives matter?

Do Santeria lives matter?

Do Sikh lives matter?

Do Shinto lives matter?

Do Buddhist lives matter?

Do Confucian lives matter?

Do Native Spiritual lives matter?

Do Female lives matter?

Do Male lives matter?

Do Transgender lives matter?

Do Heterosexual lives matter?

Do Homosexual lives matter?

Do Bi-Sexual lives matter?

Do lives of any nation matter?

Was not the world meant

for us to share?

Were not our minds meant

for us to be aware?

Were not our hearts meant

for us to care?

Why do we keep on


We are not in video games

or using guns that fire air.

A life gone is a true loss

not losing a playground


we need to make SAVING

NOT KILLING lives the top story

of A Current Affair!



September 18, 2016

When Will It End?

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Maybe Green Day

was on to something

“Wake me up

when September

ends.” Not a bad

thought not a bad

idea September a

death toll of

the enjoyment of

Summer not yet

the color and crisp

of October

aside from some

birthdays including my

own and others I know

it’s a frill-less

fruit-less month where

darkness begins to creep

in and warmth begins to

creep out as the geese begin

their flying vs and all the

birdsongs have begun

to go south leaving behind

the call of crows making

me say no wonder the stores

want to jump from Back-To

-School to Halloween where

foliage and festivity

dominate the scene.

Go away September

for another eleven




September 11, 2016

The Towers I remember

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I photographed The World Trade Center on 3 different occasions in life.

The largest on the left was taken when I was 12, in 1981, while we were on the Circle Line Cruise Boat that goes all the way around the entire island of Manhattan.

The top right with the towers far away is a view from a shuttle between Newark Airport and Kennedy as we were on our way to LA in October of 1982.

The bottom right was taken aboard the boat going to Liberty Island in June of 2001, just months before 9/11.

I will never forget them, or the many who perished on that day.

September 8, 2016

“Dunkin-Ing Down”

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We are dummying down

to ethnic culture

we frown

we want the

same old

same old

all over town

wishing that other

cultures, races, and

languages in the

East River would

DROWN we think that

high rent for trendiness

should wear The Big

Apple’s crown.


On this block a Starbucks

and a Dunkin

onto the next block a

Starbucks and a Dunkin

onto every other block

a Starbucks and a Dunkin

it’s not a wonder that

our diets and our

weigh-ins are FLUNKIN’!!


From all the calories they
sucker us into we are

clunkin’ down the walk we

have dusted over the chalk

every vision and every voice

that wants to rise up and

talk about why their expression

has made new generations

balk about food, art, and culture

made by hand replaced by a

processed, un-natural brand

slowly turning back in time

to when everything was bland

with no excitement or color to

make the city grand we once

used to believe than not all

should be the same we learned

cultural cleansing like in Nazi Germany

was a sad, unspeakable SHAME

but today we forget and play

a similar game forcing out

any culture we see as

different or inane.



September 5, 2016

Adirondack Paradise

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DSC03179.JPGAwakened by early daylight

my mind contemplating my

first move of the morning

hour as my eyes take in a

single loon swimming among

the many cloudlets of morning



First capturing him in photo

he calls to me not by his

beautiful sustained swirl

but almost telepathically he

calls me to enter the waters

that at such an early hour

only he appears present.


I hear his call and decide

casting any doubt aside

that on this early misty lake

is where I want to be paddling secluded

paddling free among the mist floating

just above the surface as the sun

rises higher above the nearby



In my kayak on this

beautiful lake no other

vessels in sight

no other campers awake

I paddle in solitude over these

crystal clear waters from one

side to the other, to the cove,

past the beach, hearing more

loons call to each while occasionally

I stop paddle to breathlessly float

letting my eyes and my mind take

every note of the pristine beauty of

which my morning journey is allowing

me to thankfully experience.



September 2, 2016

Forward Focused

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Shadows of destiny

passing by as a day

flows into night

like a lake’s current

moving thousands of

stars that keep coming

like the future we are

called to enter which

approaches as an oncoming

locomotive that we may

or may not be prepared with

a ticket to know our upcoming

destination toward a

horizon of unknown aptitude

that constantly surveys

our attitude of our position

our emotional platitude

of what we see of what

we feel of what we sense

with what we deal hoping

the road before us will

contain a sense of appeal

toward the oncoming days

ahead we guard that injustice

will not steal.



August 31, 2016

Espiritu De Amor

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El Paisaje de La Vina

recibe un beso de su espiritu

cada dia que abre sus ojos.

Cada salida del sol es un renacimiento

de la feliz lo que recibio cuando

las uvas nadaron  en las bendiciones

de su primer aliento.


Bendice todas las vinas,

las flores, arboles, y la

munificencia de la tierra.

Ella trae en su corazon un amor

por la tierra de su mundo

mas alto que un gran sierra.


El vintero trabaja la tierra

segando el vino para su

generacion.  Ella solta las

frutas este vintero del labor

de sus brazos de passion.


Para el, ella es la diosa de su

cosecha.  Dedica su labor a ella

por su cultivo  rico.  Ella lo da

mucha adoracion y afeto voltaico.

Con sus besos ella lava el cultivo

de pelo que el sudor del vintero

cultiva a su pecho.


Para el, el perfume de ella

es como el perfume de

una uva rica y el sabor de

sus  labios  es la dulzura

del vino de fabrica.



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