June 6, 2020

Hope In Pause

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Day in and day out we

moved everywhere

everyday we went

where we wanted we

were transported in

every way as we

came and as we

went we had full

control we had the

full say whereas then

came the new dawn of

a new and different more

isolated day with much of

life living in a different

directed way we are more

planted in one or two or

just a few places to go.


We are attempting to

keep the hope of being

safe and sound establishing

about us a more solid

ground everyday our roots

are stronger in the soil

of our homes where we daily

plant our daily seeds tending

to the soils or our daily and

weekly needs of our living

foundation where we awaken

to execute our daily preparation

where we now work

where we now achieve

where we try to hold on to

hope for the near future

and for the longer run with

each new day with each

rising sun that there will be

the ability of a healthier


next generation.


October 23, 2021

Tacos Tortillas and Tea oh my! Tacos Tortillas and Tea oh my!

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October 16, 2021

Pizza Night!

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October 14, 2021

Frosty’s Wine Box!!

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Here it is!! My prize from Trackside Blazers is “Frosty’s Wine Box” including fabulous 3 grape 🍇 print glasses, a Pinot Noir by Vina Santa Helena in Chile, and Chautauqua White by Merritt Estate Winery in Western NY!! 🍷🍷🍷

September 19, 2021

On Deaf Ears

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“On Deaf Ears” 

Who are the voices  

who make all the 


the choices that have 

no balance or success 

the choices that 

only make the soul 

digress and the heart 

and mind fall into 

major amounts of  

stress they make these 






leaving us stranded 

on the side of the 

daily road to victory 

while they toodle on 

by in their shiny  

Rolls Royces shutting 

out the cries for real 

help thinking them to 

be just useless 




They believe anyone who 

needs to be fed 

is a waste of  

time and money 

not worthy of 

Earth’s milk or honey 

or the water from  

a stone that cannot 

be bled they are  

worth only to be left 

for dead if they cannot 

fight instead for the one 


of what is left from 

the stale  


crusts of 



hard labored 




September 18, 2021


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August 23, 2021

🌮 Taco Night!

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With homemade tortillas!!

New Sneakers!

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So how do you SKETCH on your new Skechers?

August 16, 2021

No Walls

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Seeing the  

rural seeing 

the urban so  

many think that 

so many are different 

and that no one from 

one place could enjoy 

or function or not 

even think about  

living in another kind 

of place.  

People from cities come 

and enjoy quiet secluded 

spots just like any who 

have been there since 

they were born while those 

from out in the countryside 

enjoy a subway or bus 

ride as much as those whose 

metro cards have been  

well worn. 

People are people 

who live 

who learn  

who share this  

Space who adapt  

To surroundings 

no matter the  

family line the 

language of the 

tongue or the color 

of the face.  

Too many walls have 

been put up by too many  

powerful people  

who as ignorant as 

they are think they know 

for everyone what is 

good but what is real is 

that we all share this 

world as one big 

urban or rural or 

suburban or 




August 11, 2021

Never Forgotten

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To lose a pet 

is very shocking  

causing a serious 

tremor to the 

heart strings 

they were just 

there like any 

one else at home 

they developed a  

routine a chemistry 

becoming part of 

the daily symmetry 

of all that was good. 

You care for them like 

a child is fed and 

raised to do right 

they greet you in 

the morning and 

show their love in 

whatever way 

before you turn in 

for another goodnight. 

When they are 

gone they are 

missed from the 

things they did and 

the places they 

had been it is hard 

to overcome the 

sadness after all the 

times they inspired  

your gladness and as 

much as you move 

on in whatever way 

you never wash the 

memories of them 

totally away 


you never forget 

you never 



August 5, 2021

Inspiring Presence

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She looks out  

her window 

down below the 

asphalt is a stagnant 

bridge to someplace 

but she sees instead 

a flowing stream 

forming a pathway 

to where her mind 

is presently racing. 

She has contemplated 

more than one side 

of life and while she 

is unsure as to the 

side her feet tend 

to land inside she 

feels the stroke of 

a gentle hand firmly 

stroking up a fire 

in her belly as  

she feels an energy 

tease her ribs 

and pass straight 

down the lengths of 

her legs. 

She gazes across  

to another building 

to another window 

across the way 

another being looks 

back her way and  

between the two 

there seems a 

force strong enough 

to consume 

everything that exists 

in the area of space 

between them. 

A light rain begins  

to fall after the 

other has left 

the window she leans 

out to take in each 

drop that comes her 

way each one as 

a kiss that lands 

perfectly on her 

face she takes  

in more and it 

feels like an 

embrace that 

gives her a  

more confident 

mindset as to 

what she wants 

to do where she 

wants to go and  

how she wants  

to do it. 


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