October 16, 2018


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Do we have any

role models to follow

do we have any

feel good pills

we can reasonably


swallow can we

find real inspiration

that will not leave us

hungry and


can we find a person

who we can really

believe in who

does not lead us

toward a mess in

which we will endlessly



Can we find

someone who years

later will not

turn up in the middle

of scandal to whom we

can actually light a

bright candle whose

legacy will be a story

we can actually

handle is there anyone

left who can truly

do what is right

with God’s endless

mercy and not someday

end up as The King

or Queen of





October 9, 2018

Bronx Duck Fest!

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes a recipe called “Bronx Duck” for an awesome weekend feast!!

September 27, 2018

Chilaquiles and Rambutans!

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Migueltio The North Country Latino celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month making Chilaquiles and trying a Rambutan from Costa Rica.

September 11, 2018

So Tired!

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Today I am so tired

tired of hearing certain

people rip apart people who

gave their all and then some.


I am tired of hearing about

men who were supposed

to be leaders, yet used that leadership

in order to be abusive to others.


I am tired of hearing about

yet another senseless

shooting spree after which

once again nothing is done.


I am tired

I am angry

yes these days

my writing is

a reflection of

my anger at

those in power

who abuse it

misuse it

hour after

daily hour

thinking they can

hide out higher

than Rapunzel’s

tower giving out

verbal excuses

while behind their

safeguarded walls

they cower.


Why the attacks

on good solid character

why the constant

abuse no matter what

age why the constant

shootings that drive me

to this rage

shaking my head

at all the excuses

shaking further

at all the recluses

who could actually

act and make things

better instead of

writing out a long

tired letter.


I myself am in a position of

power and as tired as

I am I vow not to misuse

it I vow with every

day and every child

not to abuse it

and I vow that

when any child

issues a request

of my help

my guidance

or any sense

of my presence

I will not shut

my office door

and refuse it.


I am tired by

what’s going on out

there but to every

child I teach

I will be aware

and ready

every period of

every day

letting them know

I truly care.


Yes I am tired

by the actions of

others my words

have sounded tired

but in the presence

of my students

my coworkers

my friends

and my own family

I am truly


and really



August 30, 2018

Time To Teach!

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You cannot make me

stop writing you cannot

take all my time away

to express what I believe

and say what I want to



I let you say what you

want to say I let you

have your moment having

your way but give me

my time in return do not

let my point of view

burn do not think of skipping

my turn taking my expression



Lots of excitement in my

coming days with lots

of exciting changes of my

former ways no more do I

have to count the days no more

do I teach my students for just

a year long phase.


I want to help my students

and teach them well so

that their journey toward

High School Band is no longer

an ambiguous maze.


I want the same

for my own children

to teach them to inspire

to light up their lives

with a pathway of

fire filling their

minds and their

hearts with desire to

aim their achievements

higher and higher

so that they can

walk with confidence

across every tightrope

wire instead of falling

flat like a worn

flat tire.




August 20, 2018

His Burning

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He liked to

see what she saw

he liked to see how

she saw

he liked to be

where she had been

those places

that knew her many


that were so purely

expressed so righteous

so raw.


He liked her presence

he liked to sense

her very essence

he liked to lean in

and be close to her

he wanted to be

a drug and give

a dose to her.


He desired to be taken

in to her delightfully


darker skin

her skin made beautiful

by Africa

by Brazil

by Martinique

by Jamaica

by Haiti

by La Republica

by Barbados

by Puerto Rico

by Cuba

by Mexico

by Venezuela

by Colombia

by India

by Pakistan

by Italy

by Spain

he wanted to

be one with her


her heart

her soul

her brain

to be consumed

to be devoured

into her arms

into her curvaceous

muscular frame

to be within her

to breathe with her

to sweat

to perspire

in his belly she

kindles a passionate


he burns for


she is his

Nubian desire.



August 6, 2018

Shimp Boil!

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This was a stupendous feast!! Shrimp Boil, Cornbread, Fish Fry, Corn On The Cob and Fettuccine Alfredo

July 31, 2018

What We Decide

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The decisions we make

cannot be taken



We can sometimes decide further

that we decided



We can sometimes lighten the effect

producing something more



We should then start singing

a more inspiring



We have to get past the past

whose time has



We should not hold on to

what we cannot



We should affectionately embrace our present place

as treasure greatly




July 22, 2018


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So brown

so wretched on the


as we walk every


on what is not like healthy

green grass but more like brittle



Every day is dried out,

farmers careful to water

the livestock so they do not

go without.


We are happy to see the sun


so that sunny days are

what summer is



But after too many sunny days

we can get caught up

in having too much fun in the


leaving not even the most miniscule


that we could be headed for trouble

that we could be headed for



Day after day too dry and

too arid can keep crops from


as those that were already


can also start


while our lawns are dying

too dry to be



We all love the sun

when its rays are bright and


but rainy days are also good days

and we need some to be


as both are the kinds

of summer days we truely need to be




July 17, 2018

My Gourd Art Project!

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Migueltio The North Country Lation creates a gourd art project inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ short story Woman Hollering Creek.

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