February 7, 2016

To Follow Or To Deviate

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Following down the remote

secluded highway the

daily route traveling from

dawn to dusk the appearance

of choices to change direction

evolve as endangered and

utterly absent.

Further along a rising

oasis emerges from what

was thought to be no

alternative but to traverse

forward the question arising

is this a decision worth making

a territory worth staking

a new turn worth taking?

Is the sun truely shining

or is this just unfocused

pining for a day of glory

that does not truely

exist here but is only

enticing me away

from dedication

leading me to ponder

like expired medication

whether or not this is

my new destination?

Beauty in the eye like

the Caribbean chica

brown to the skin

and jet black hair I must

ask myself if she is really

standing there is her

presence true and pure

or is it thin as open air?

She may or may not

be there just like the palms

that surround her and

the tranquil pool nearby

she may only be an

empty dream of pie

in the sky no more alive

than the large horsefly that

falls before me on

its way to die does she

represent a new

a true direction or is

this just empty misconception

shallow in perception

yet full of deception?

Any new alternative

direction a tropical

setting a rocky mountainside

a glorious field of

floral pride may

appear a better

choice in my

ear hearing a

voice to turn or

not I must decide.



January 27, 2016


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Winter in the eye

can bring about

a spring in the

mind and inspiration in

the word as early

winter and the projected

perceived joyous light

of the holidays

moves on.

Deep middle winter

motion a little slower

with more time in mental

solitude instead of December’s

eventful rush I am able to look

inside myself a little deeper

to assess where I have

come, how I got here

and where my dreams

would like to go on the

time coming forth.

Am I measuring up to

my own expectations?

What are those to

my heart to which I hold?

Are they possible are they

realistic ir are they a fathom

of a life never lead of a

dream locked up in my

head that never got its

realizations nourished

and fed?

Mid winter more time

more thought to

feed the need to

plant the seed of

the word which to

read toward accomplishing

the deed of

accessing the goal

having prayed to


Mid winter more

motion of the mind as

my trampoline bounces

me high so let the

exercise of my body rise

my dreams to the

sky any inhibitions away

may they fly so that

my spirit and my

desires can be always

aimed high.


January 21, 2016

Mango Chicken Tinga

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Mango Chicken Tinga

January 14, 2016

Win Or Lose We Live On

We put it all out

laying it all

on the line

we cannot wait

we hope no factor

well negate

we refuse

the news

that we may lose

in denial we

do not hesitate.

When everything is

even every stride

going well we forget

that it takes just

once to enter hell

with our mouths

open wide our

mistakes cannot hide

we ask what happened

to the luck on our side

why all our glory

so blindly fell.

One day we

win one day

we lose the day

of which outcome

we cannot really

choose but we

have to know while

we star in the

show that one

day soon we

may blow a fuse.

There is no harm

in occasionally betting

on the farm so long

as we have the nerve

to keep a little dignity

in reserve so that

when the barn does

burn there are lessons

we can learn that from

out of the fire

we may rise to inspire

instead of going down

like a four alarm.



January 6, 2016

Colombian Coffee Flan

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Colombian Coffee Flan to kick off his 7th Season!!

December 31, 2015

Cafe Domenico (Ode To A Utica Hot Spot)

People coming in

a Saturday on the go

stopping for a break.

Many minds converge

taking in the sights and sounds

of art and music.

Coffee or hot tea

poured and served with caring smiles

sipped with a warm heart.

Pro literacy

supported by the many

readers and writers.

The friendly hellos

and social conversations

keep the scene alive.

A city of thought

and great creativity

feels right at home here.



One Lovely Blog Award

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Good Morning!! Here’s hoping all of you will have a beautiful 2016!!
I want to thank Sarah on her blog lifewithlittlered for nominating me for this!! Her blog is great so be sure to read it some time if you have not!!
Below are the rules for this, if you are interested.

Source: One Lovely Blog Award

7 Things about me
1. I love Latin Music and Dance
2. I have a book called “An Identity Shared” now available on Amazon
3. I am very sensitive
4. I love playing the trombone and the conga drums
5. I love visiting NYC to shop in El Barrio and in Latin shops in other parts of town.
6. I love wine, especially red.
7. I love green tea

My nominees are
2. https://katiemetcalfeblogger.wordpress.com/
3. http://elenaxtina.com/
5. http://courtingmadness.wordpress.com/

December 28, 2015

Not So Typical Christmastime

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Walking along the streets

or along the roads not so

busy bordering the edge

of town eyeing many homes

ready for the days

ahead with lights, figures,

inflatables, or trees are

looking pretty grey pretty

damp pretty worn by

the lack of the

annual scene of a December

Winter’s morn.

December does not look

right in the northeast

without snow in sight.

Am I disappointed?

Not quite, given the lack

of treacherous drives

by night.

It will come snow

will come in an onslaught

things will change

through patience through

diligence December

will cease from

looking so strange.

Through patience through

diligence and a good dose

of January storms

and squalls will bury

the world of the


releasing winter’s

furious beast devouring

this “warmth” in

a furious feast

like Seuss’s ” rare who

pudding” or “rare

who roast beast”.



December 26, 2015

Good Or Bad (You Decide)

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Year’s end brings about

many decisions forcing

many to talk about

what was decided as

others sometimes feel

jaded as others sometimes

feel chided.

Year’s end brings about

many decisions which

in hopes and dreams

bring out better than

what the decision seems

to the eyes the ears and

the minds of those who

enjoyed what “was”.

It is challenging for the many

to remember that the decision

maker only wants to make

things better as they

may have lit many lights

pacing many nights

not only in December

but also November

way back to September

hoping to end the

ongoing fights

replacing the many

wrongs with new

chapters of rights.

To the decision maker

we hope for

a resolution

that will guide their

evolution to a

resounding revolution

that will arise their

dreams, their new

visions, new schemes

avoiding a falter of

complete disillusion.



December 11, 2015

To What End When?

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What day

what way

will  the blood

be shed

will the

prophecy be


to confirm

what has

been said

that the time

we must tread

bringing pain

to the head

as the mind

fills with dread

counting hearts

to be bled

into rivers

flowing red

from the call

for the dead

generating just

a thread

of the peace

mostly fled?


When we least

expect it

to what end will

time subject it

that security will

neglect it

as the voices

dreaming of


shouting louder

will object it

or will defense

get off the

fence just in

time to

deflect it?



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