December 6, 2016


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With water and fire

we are blest

with open hearts

open minds

we express

through daily giving

of our daily living

we try to flee from

frivolous excess

paying forth with


for where we are

who we are what

we are in the world

filled with the light

from a giant round

yellow star

if we want to find

someone with whom

to share that light

someone who

possesses a more

challenging plight

we need not

possess a lavish

lofty sight we

need not have to

look very far.



November 23, 2016

A New Title

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(The day known to past generations as “Thanksgiving”)

November 21, 2016

No One Neglected

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No one do I

cast aside to

waste, no one

to the brick wall

before them do

I paste, no one do

I dispose of with

trivial haste, to

them I offer my

hand to rise from

challenges they

recently faced feeling

as if they were

attacked with rocks

and further

brutally chased.



November 13, 2016

Not Falling Down

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That leaf that

falls from the

tree that leaf is

not me as the dust

swiftly clears from

the ground my heart

and soul are still around.


The winds that wail

will never break my

sail never selling out

to any slug mulling

about attempting to

fashion a gaping hole

into my train of thought

wishing for me to bail.


The shattering of

broken glass blocking

the path of mine and

of many to follow

through with dreams

and directions will

not cut in with

bloody insurrections.


You cannot beat

me down I am

not some creepy

costumed clown

who is going to

throw eggs and

break the legs

of the many whose

desires are not

to drown being

dragged on a

useless trek from

town to town

drinking the water

soiled to brown

with blood, sweat,

and dirt streaming

from the hurt

drawn from the

sufferings of

the thorny crown.




November 3, 2016

Post-Peak Romance

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Love at sunset on

a fall afternoon

as two walk together

hand in hand.


The golden light of

the November dusk

glistens through her rich

luminous hair.


He feels a warmth in

his heart as they stop

by a creek and gently sneak

a slow kiss.


They stare off dreaming

of future paths yet

to be encountered but

passionately hoped for.


The sun setting on

their day together as the

November chills pull them

ever closer.


A starry night

sky guides their walk

 further hand in hand until

reaching home.



October 17, 2016

Is It A Wonder?

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The wonder of how

time changes the temperatures

change as the winds get

cooler and the chills begin

running up and down my back

reminding me that the warmth

I enjoyed for the last few

months will be gone until next



The wonder of climactic

change as the leaves turn

their colors showing off

their vibrancy in a last

hurrah of glorious light

as the darker times

begin to increase in

length keeping the sun

visually hidden.


Change in patterns of

weather and air streams

are awakening major activities

that for a period were more

dormant and inactive as

for a time this time of year

was more attractive.


Is it a wonder of the climactic

changes in the ways people

act humanely expecting our

trust and support one minute

but in the next one on the

attack condescending or

crucifying their opponent

or the rest of the pack in

ways that we did not have

to deal with in similar

occasions in years back?


Myself, I am not a member of

“the good old days club” where

the past is all that is good and

the present change is way too

strange the change into each

year is for me to cherish not

to fear my only wish with the

annual beauty of fall is that

politicians could say their

piece and be more humane

in a style more invoking




October 6, 2016

These Campaigns

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Every politician

on the attack

every politician

needs to set down

their arsenals and

sit down with their

opponent and have

a little snack maybe

a latte maybe a Big Mac

taking for a minute their

eyes off the prize of accusing

all the others of the

dirtiest lies.


They need to sit down

and simply remember

how people can actually

get along together simply

agreeing to disagree letting

voters decide who the

winner will be.


Every politician who is

on the attack is a person

themselves totally wack

with a narrow mind that

does not know jack

who totally needs a

whack in the back for

always giving flack and

always talking smack

to the debate moderators

they need to cut slack

interrupting every question

with more yackety-yack

after a while it is like hearing

an old duck quack with so

many voters wishing to

fall through the crack thinking

no candidate will ever

win them back.



September 30, 2016


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Why does a child kill?

What does a school have to drill

that a child might kill?

That is a sickness

that does not flow inside me

but makes me quite ill!



September 25, 2016

Lives That Matter

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Do Black lives matter?

Do White lives matter?

Do Brown lives matter?

Do Yellow lives matter?

Do Red lives matter?

Do Christian lives matter?

Do Muslim lives matter?

Do Jewish lives matter?

Do Hindu lives matter?

Do Santeria lives matter?

Do Sikh lives matter?

Do Shinto lives matter?

Do Buddhist lives matter?

Do Confucian lives matter?

Do Native Spiritual lives matter?

Do Female lives matter?

Do Male lives matter?

Do Transgender lives matter?

Do Heterosexual lives matter?

Do Homosexual lives matter?

Do Bi-Sexual lives matter?

Do lives of any nation matter?

Was not the world meant

for us to share?

Were not our minds meant

for us to be aware?

Were not our hearts meant

for us to care?

Why do we keep on


We are not in video games

or using guns that fire air.

A life gone is a true loss

not losing a playground


we need to make SAVING

NOT KILLING lives the top story

of A Current Affair!



September 18, 2016

When Will It End?

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Maybe Green Day

was on to something

“Wake me up

when September

ends.” Not a bad

thought not a bad

idea September a

death toll of

the enjoyment of

Summer not yet

the color and crisp

of October

aside from some

birthdays including my

own and others I know

it’s a frill-less

fruit-less month where

darkness begins to creep

in and warmth begins to

creep out as the geese begin

their flying vs and all the

birdsongs have begun

to go south leaving behind

the call of crows making

me say no wonder the stores

want to jump from Back-To

-School to Halloween where

foliage and festivity

dominate the scene.

Go away September

for another eleven




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