January 18, 2017

Oscar Free!

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A man now free

free to go his way

free to shine his

light to all who

see his freedom as

a brand new glorious

day he is free at the

eleventh hour of Barack’s

last days of political

power his freedom causing

a perpetual shower of

tears flowing free

through his island maybe

someday his Boricua nation

maybe someday his

efforts will benefit a

future generation never

was he a terrorist to any

U.S. administration

he is free

una palabra

no es bastante

he is free

estamos celebrando

y cantante

he is free

ahora gritamos

hecha pa’lante!



January 2, 2017

Dysfunctional Politics

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Do not get me started

on how retarded

our electoral process

has become

it elected a man

who has a plan

that unless you are

rich you are nothing

more than living on the

street like some pusher

scum or if you have

a home but do not

qualify to be among

all under his golden

dome then you must

be residing in the

slimiest slum trying to

make it day to day while

he keeps you under his

political thumb you ask

how did we ever elect

this over-spoiled bum who

promises to make America

greater than the entire sum

of how many missals he and

Putin can gather up

into their supposed

treaty laced with vodka and

rum as they calculate how

long until we all

succumb to their said social

vision that the best is really

yet to come.



December 31, 2016

Migueltio’s 6th Anniversary Show!!

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In this episode I’ve made a Spanish Fig and Almond Cake that goes great with Iberico Cheese (or any other).


December 21, 2016

Beauty Everlasting

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A Latina she is

a beautiful Latina

a real beautiful

Latina every morning

needs not to be

phony air brushed

she is what they

all want to be

the Latinas in

every entertainment

based industry

her smile, her eyes

her hair, her skin

so much love and

light projects from

her heart and

soul within

so much about her

is natural perfection

from her shoulders

and her neck

to her cinnamon

complexion all the

singers, models, and

stars can only pine

for her reflection as

they wish that their

own beauty  could even

hint of her

direction complete with

a heart and mind so

talented and so

kind what she brings

to the table leaves

other Latinas behind

when she smiles  she

projects a greater loving

light than the sum of

the sun by day and

all the stars and moon

by night.



December 11, 2016

Natural Wonder

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A stationary song

is sung on the mountain side

hedging toward the

ridge below while one

solitary rose rises above the rocky

terrain making the surface

world a lisp of light more

beautiful than at one time

ago and some time to come

when thorns, thistles, and

empty stems sprinkled over

the ground underfoot not

giving a blaze to the

trail to be traveled but

instead an obstruction to

the fate pleading to be

realized with the peaceful realm

of the beautiful song, that stationary

song adorning the mountains

with a glory rising above to

the skies and dotting each

cloud with a realization that

the release of every drop of

its precipitation is a beautifying

cleanse to all mankind.



December 6, 2016


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With water and fire

we are blest

with open hearts

open minds

we express

through daily giving

of our daily living

we try to flee from

frivolous excess

paying forth with


for where we are

who we are what

we are in the world

filled with the light

from a giant round

yellow star

if we want to find

someone with whom

to share that light

someone who

possesses a more

challenging plight

we need not

possess a lavish

lofty sight we

need not have to

look very far.



November 23, 2016

A New Title

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(The day known to past generations as “Thanksgiving”)

November 21, 2016

No One Neglected

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No one do I

cast aside to

waste, no one

to the brick wall

before them do

I paste, no one do

I dispose of with

trivial haste, to

them I offer my

hand to rise from

challenges they

recently faced feeling

as if they were

attacked with rocks

and further

brutally chased.



November 13, 2016

Not Falling Down

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That leaf that

falls from the

tree that leaf is

not me as the dust

swiftly clears from

the ground my heart

and soul are still around.


The winds that wail

will never break my

sail never selling out

to any slug mulling

about attempting to

fashion a gaping hole

into my train of thought

wishing for me to bail.


The shattering of

broken glass blocking

the path of mine and

of many to follow

through with dreams

and directions will

not cut in with

bloody insurrections.


You cannot beat

me down I am

not some creepy

costumed clown

who is going to

throw eggs and

break the legs

of the many whose

desires are not

to drown being

dragged on a

useless trek from

town to town

drinking the water

soiled to brown

with blood, sweat,

and dirt streaming

from the hurt

drawn from the

sufferings of

the thorny crown.




November 3, 2016

Post-Peak Romance

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Love at sunset on

a fall afternoon

as two walk together

hand in hand.


The golden light of

the November dusk

glistens through her rich

luminous hair.


He feels a warmth in

his heart as they stop

by a creek and gently sneak

a slow kiss.


They stare off dreaming

of future paths yet

to be encountered but

passionately hoped for.


The sun setting on

their day together as the

November chills pull them

ever closer.


A starry night

sky guides their walk

 further hand in hand until

reaching home.



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