July 7, 2015

Feed The Greed

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Feel the need

feed the need

they feel the

need to feed the

greed forcing us to

bleed more for

their seed

we feel the need

to grow more weed

to economically succeed

while our brain cells recede.

Many diss those who

are not of their breed

who do not subscribe to

their narrow mind creed

because they were born

of a different seed

and in arrogant eyes

they only impede

the closed minded doctrines

to which many heed

seen as unworthy

not up to speed

thinking them void

of any good deed.

So many miss

the signals we

should read

that wars have been


slaves have been


equality and goodwill

have been nationally


only to fall upon

deaf dissing ears

no matter how much

we teach

inform or


clouding over the

benefit of

medical need

clouding over the

ever present harvest of



July 5, 2015


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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Venezuelan/Colombian Arepas, the hottest trend in Latino Cuisine!!

June 18, 2015

How Can We Stop It?

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They need help

it is that simple

it is that easy to

see they need help

their vision lost

of the best they

can be their vision

distorted by every past

shooting spree

that every page on

the net tags so famously.

They play games today

that lack real


that lack real


of people that

have real


real faces

who would actually

die in the

violent car chases

seen by kids today

barely old enough

for braces

who learn

how to burn

with no real


for social


or societal


I am not one

who believes that

a gun

should totally go


removing the rights

of those who

hunt or

properly display

but somehow

and somewhere

there needs to be


a solution

to keep them out

of hands

that will


the innocent



June 10, 2015

NYC 1981


Almost summer

a lifetime ago

a city so different

than many now know

today a memory of

a long lost June

today a memory of

a different tune

a city of a different way.

A 12 year old

boy walks down

a busy street at

night about to enter

his hotel when a

bag lady one among many

smiles his way.

A 12 year old

boy rides a checkered

cab sitting on a silver

disc of a seat folded out

from the back of the front

as the driver whisks his family

he smiles along the way.

A 12 year old

boy walks through

Times Square at night never

having experienced  this mature

type of sight as an old man

hands him a strip club flyer

and laughs as he walks away.

A 12 year old

boy and his family

make their way through

Little Italy at a festival

full of food and games

he can still smell it he can still

see it as the subway pulls away.


June 7, 2015

The Daily Vine

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The life we lead

is like vineyard

with so many of us

connected near by

but also to those

quite far away.

We are the grapes

upon every vine

we give forth our

blood and sweat

to mix

to sweeten

the perpetual wine

made everyday

under sun

under rain

whether that day

is of joy

or of undesired pain

each new day

is new blood to

be paid each new

day is a new wine

to be made so priceless

not some aimless

game to be played or

some puddle so shallow for

just our ankles to wade.

We are in this vineyard

together our roots are deep

we cannot bleed sour

wine so rancid or cheap

we should not ascend

mountains too un-negotiable

and steep

count your friends instead

of sheep

each new day

is a new way

to awaken

the mind’s sleep.


May 31, 2015

Un Sueno

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Camino al lado

de mi querida

mi amado.

Caminamos al lado

de un lago

en un prado.

A un dia que

el sol esta brillando

mi alma y mi corazon

estan quemando

con el sueno de amor

por mi tesora

mi flor.

A un dia sin lluvia

a lavar mis emociones

mi mente esta examinando

por finuras

y bendiciones.

Fantaseo de las parras

del corazon fueguino

donde mi sangre iba

dulce como vino.

No puedes tomar mi lengua

no posees mi idioma

mis suenos volaran

con la finura de

una paloma.


May 15, 2015

Its A Colorful Life!

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So much plodding
along as if life is
just one color
just one grey color,
grey with nothing else
to rise from, with
no feeling from which
expression can come,
grey just a dingy
just an emotionless
just a flat
just a plain
just a dull
boring hum-drum.

Life has different
days life has different
colors, greys cannot
just skate past the others.
Some days are bright
red with tragic blood
shed, some days have
the blues of depressing
sad news, some days are
more fun with yellow like
the sun, some days are
orange, purple, or
green, a more positive
expression a more
positive scene.
Life is more than
some grey
cookie cutting


May 9, 2015

Dollars and Senseless!

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As I walk
through the mall
glancing quick
at every kiosk
every store
every stall
it makes me think
those in charge
of “creativity”
must be wailing
their heads
senselessly against
a wall
pleading that this
cannot possibly be
all there is
that people wish
to buy
to wear
to hang
to install.
It is as if
I am
down one


May 5, 2015

Paying Forward

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We try to make
a plan to which we
look forward.

We look forward with
focus without hesitation
looking forward with
confidence without reservation.

We try to make
a plan that denounces
segregation reduces
aggravation undercuts

We can plan to partake
in recreation we can
plan to partake in
procreation we can plan
to partake in association
not desiring to plan on isolation.

The object is to
have the motivation
toward investment in the
cultivation of one more
future generation
to whom we have the
obligation to defend
from deprivation
nurturing their education
enabling their preparation
to preserve each
diplomatic nation
from falling to
worldwide mutilation.


April 21, 2015

Star of Loisada

A long time
since you helped raise
Victor Vargas
a long time
since that trademark smile
weathered the advances
of Victor’s pana.

With the combined expression
of those eyes and that smile
your films have become my favorite style.

With that voice so mellow
at each character’s first “hello”
you bring out smiles from your co-stars
tan guapo y bello.

You’ve played
and you’ve paid
in these amazing Indie rolls
each caught in a dramatic
love-lost trance
as your once “un-known” name
began to climb
the ladder of fame
being crowned one year
as Queen of Sundance.

And now finally here you are
in a big film role
with a big-time co-stare
while the scene may put
you in such a familiar stride
of a story told
of The Lower East Side
no longer can Hollywood
run and hide
from your trademark smile
and your expressive style
that has become a
big-screen symbol
of true Boricua pride!

One day
after a red-carpet walk
an Oscar will
no longer be
just speculation
and talk.

Viva Melonie Diaz!


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