March 7, 2015

Let The Winter Melt!

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Days immersed
in a deflated
days situated
so deflated
and motionless.

Days of winter
encasing so many
in driving snow
in inches of ice
days of winter
ceasing their motion
stranding them in weather
not very nice.

But as time
the ice does
rising from this exile
a choice we
leaning toward
a new dawn
a chance we
emphasizing new realities
discarding what is

Our bodies
our minds
our spirit
our souls
no longer
by winter’s
we are lifted
to new warmth
to new spirit
high above
where we were
once grounded
now immersed
in light
and love.


February 3, 2015

Eclair Cake!!

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Here is an eclair cake recipe my wife and daughter brought back from a Girl Scout Winter Cabin Getaway!!
It was yummmmm!!!

January 27, 2015

Keep It Real

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Real Salsa
is a live band
winds by the chops
drums by the hand.
Real Salsa
es en clave
not some electric
Real Salsa
needed singers
like Willie
like Hector
like Ismael.
Today its Marc
or Giovanni
to drag it back up
from where it fell.
When Hector died
Frankie died
and Charlie died
it hurt Salsa’s pride.
When Tito died
and Celia died
so did the great influence
of Salsa worldwide.
Ralphy Mercado
as much as
he tried
could not keep
its promotional side.
Real Salsa
is a sound of a band’s
true emersion
not just a pop song
redone in a 3-2 version.
Real Salsa
is more than movements
on Dancing With The Stars
or the DJs in the clubs
or the Ipads in the cars.
DJs do play the tunes
of the sounds each band
makes because spreading
the love is what it all
takes to get the dancers
moving so each
booty shakes
because Salsa
without true sound
like said in “Dance With Me”
watered down
is one of perceptions
biggest mistakes.
Real Salsa is Alive!
Keep it REAL!

January 22, 2015

Totally Tropical Cake

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Here is my own twist on a tropical cake recipe. I made this video to celebrate La Casa Azul Bookstore in NYC and their recent winning of a Grant competition. Enjoy!!

January 21, 2015

Tropical Island Cake with Coconut Rum Frosting

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I gotta make this!!

Originally posted on Crowded Earth Kitchen:


Baking a Tropical Island Cake with Coconut Rum Frosting while singing along (badly) to an old Bob Marley CD is my little way of wrinkling my nose at Old Man Winter.  The wind and cold outside my kitchen window just don’t stand a chance against bananas and pineapple, coconut, rum, and reggae music!

WIN_20150104_104344Ingredients (Makes a 9×13 inch sheet cake)

1/2 cup softened butter

2 eggs

3 very ripe, mashed bananas

1 cup fresh, diced pineapple

WIN_20150104_1103001 cup sugar

2 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup chopped nuts (I used pecans, but macadamia nuts would be fabulous, I think!)


Step 1) Grease and flour a 9×13 inch cake pan.

Step 2) In a large mixing bowl, cream together butter, eggs, mashed bananas, diced pineapple, and sugar. Stir in flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and chopped nuts.


View original 92 more words

January 19, 2015

Words Affecting

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Do we with
know what we’re doing?
Do we try to provoke
only thinking it
a joke
do we rave with a chip
high on our shoulder
expressing ourselves
not wiser nor older?
Do we aim our words
with a specific attack
copping an attitude
when others give flack
having no clue that
we should watch our
own back
thinking no problem
when we talk smack
showing our own
sorry yackety-yak
as the problem
for others to believe
as so whack?

Do we make believe
others cannot see
our own unwound
Is there some misguided
characteristic that we
hold over others
as some grand mastery?
Using words to destroy
others mercilessly
only confirms how
we think so frivolously.

Using voices
making choices
defy us
as they decry us
stifling our freedom
afraid we will
defeat them
on the nightly
news its violence they
choose to fight no
matter whose story
is right with fires
in sight they battle
through the night
shining no pride
on their dawn’s
early light
attempting to stomp
out might for right
let freedom defeat
their fearsome plight.


January 16, 2015


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On a dark winter’s
night a truck with flashing
lights enters the driveway
of a house close to mine.

Not many lights
appear in the house
but the truck is ablaze
having arrived to rescue.

The snow falls gently
while the minutes drift by
as they bring out the man
who is needful of help.

The man now settled
in riding position
the ready driver turns the ignition
the siren begins its warning emission.

A relative follows
into the night
as the truck transports
the ill man’s plight.

The house left behind
one light in one window
keeping alive the hope
that loved ones will return.


January 11, 2015

Sopaipillas Cheesecake Pie!!

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Its the 5th Anniversary of my show!! Come watch me make a yummy dessert to celebrate!!

January 5, 2015

Tolling In The New!

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The death bells
toll as he sells us
his soul with eyes
of cursing
menacing coal
forcing down a
deeper dark
hole we can
never reclaim the
state that he
stole while the
apple fell far
very far from the
tree that the
voices recall so
diligently a servant
to the public of you
and me while multitudes
then began to flee
and another teen
lost so senselessly
at a house
of friends
behaving badly
while sadness in
Asia so continually
loses more souls from
the plane to the
sea in mourning
for those who are
missed truly having
left a world many
treat so cruelly
with hate on the
streets we see it
dually between
citizens and police
we need to wipe
up the grease
and stop letting
them fleece our
right to walk in
peace from city
to city from
state to state from
website to website
may the violence

December 31, 2014

A Year’s End Of Questions

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A mystery in front
of me as the year ends.

Will violence linger
or will police and citizens make amends?

Will the soldier be
ambushed by the ally he or she defends?

Will the neighbor by abused
by the acquaintance he or she befriends?

Will the elder be robbed
by the relative to whom he or she lends?

Will the politician really practice
the civic duties that he or she only pretends?

Will the child receive the love
From the parent upon whom he or she depends?

Will the good citizen receive a smile
from the one to whom a hand he or she extends?

These and many other questions
distract the eyes
cloud the skies
as lower
as earlier
December’s sunlight bends.

Here’s to a New Year of Hope and Happiness!


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