July 26, 2016

My Day in NYC!! 7/23/16

July 25, 2016

Let Us Change Our Minds

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We need to reconsider
what we value of life.
We need to ask ourselves
what it is we really
hate and why we
really hate it.
We need to reassess
our morals and figure
out what it is that brought
us into such a kill-based
mentality a hate-based
morality an “I’m
better than all of you”
We say all lives matter
but in the next breath
we stab someone in the back.
We stand by all the
slogans to keep calm
or strong but below the
superficial surface our plastic
has begun to crack.
No matter which side
no matter the color
of our external hide
we need to lower our
hate and let our
heart guide so that
this God Given
life is not some reckless
intoxicated ride.

July 17, 2016

Sweet Prune Ice Cream

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Prune Ice Cream for a hot summer day.

July 14, 2016

A Blessing Realized (Dedicated to my friend blogger at her page”Beautybeyondbones”)

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A life that keeps
on living
a gift  that keeps
on giving
a heart that keeps
on beating
a warmth that keeps
on heating.
A decision she made
to be here for keeps
as she lights up the
city that never sleeps
marching forward pursuing
her acting career
not succumbing to trivial
anxiety or fear
she gives thanks to
God for all He has
seeing each new day
as an all new
she recognizes past
times past mistakes
she delights in
the gift
every new day

July 6, 2016

Outshining Darkness

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Morning awakens
her smile as she
surveys the city
far below while enjoying
tea high on her
She gazes out remembering
a love who once gazed
back who took her eyes
off of the skies
who promised her heart
that they would never
part only to leave
her soul disposed of
down a Grand Concourse
Her radiance takes over
her face now shining
brighter than the morning
lights of the sun
gleaming off every metallic
structure from where she
stands to Washington Heights.
Off to work she passes
many at a present loss
to crack a smile but somewhere
deep somewhere within
a joyful vibe does begin when
passing by her vibrant style.
Many hours of her
many days her refection
is of beauty like the
sun’s warming rays
later on as the day
fades in favor of
the oncoming night
she outdoes the moon
with her shining
loving light.

June 27, 2016


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Fly seagull fly
search the blue waters below
and feed your desires.
Fulfill your vast dreams
and nourish your great passions
by spreading your wings.
Search for what feeds you.
Consume only what will be
your great destiny.
Sail high in the winds
and keep on charting your course
never looking back.
Fly seagull fly
and teach me as you fly on
to never give up.

June 22, 2016

Bee Memories

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The walks we took
every Wednesday afternoon
in the warmer times
of year went on for a while.
Every Wednesday
when I returned
around noon from Cville
you were always ready
to let me know that
you knew I was home.
At first we caged you not
to be cruel but for a little
time that you were alone
so as not to let you
hurt yourself.
The moment I returned
you were ready to go
ready to show
me that out of that
cage you wanted to
Soon you needed
no cage soon you achieved a more
reasonable age to let you
alone all on your own.
For an hour I let you
out for an hour you
discovered what the world
outside was all about alone until the
moment I came to walk.
I miss those walks with you
through the campground’s many
trees in the afternoons of the
spring, summer, or fall  breeze,
I miss you and so do the others who
enjoyed walking too.

June 14, 2016

Share The World

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Further down
and across town
we once thought
all culture should
that all identities,
expressions, and personalities
should slowly and
surely separate
with no room to
think or cultivate
the heartfelt gifts
one can create,
more recently they have used the term
“gentrification” as the direction
we should take as an
entire nation.
But we find ourselves
shedding more and more
tears as days pass
to months and months
pass to years as more
and more people
think that mass violence
is the way to feed
the misled conscience that
has been emptied of
any tolerance
and filled instead
with disturbed cultural
We need to build up
instead of always
stripping down accepting
variety in any big
metropolis or small rural
town being mindful that
life does not consist
of only one way
but a sharing of our
world on every
God Gifted day.

June 12, 2016

Caribbean Chicken Delight!!

Migueltio The North Country Latino makes the Puerto Rican recipe Pollo Delicioso or Caribbean Chicken Delight accompanied by a kale veggie medley and a white sangria!!

June 5, 2016

Breaking Free

Crowded together
for what seems
like forever to
manufacture a moment
in a plastic-made sun
wearing a manufactured
smile having plastic-made
Beaming through the
sugar coated cracks
is a reality an energy
that despite the differences
the different bodily temples
within which dwell  the different
hearts beating the seconds of every
night and day casts among
us a bond too fine for
the eye to see but strong
enough to draw
together our daily vibrancy.
Through the artificial
smiles and dignities
fastened down with
Elmer’s Glue comes
the gleam of a real
ability electrified
by a true agility
layered with sincere
tranquility reminding us
that we are the true
star despite any
flaw or futility.
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