May 24, 2016

My Frida

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My Frida Kahlo sketch and the tile I made from it.

May 11, 2016

Hand Me Not Down

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Hand Me Not Down
Can I wish my past
away no I cannot
but my past is not
to be driven down the
throats of what is my
future as the same
path taken once 30 to
40 years ago needs to be
She is my future
as are the others so as I
will decrease, they must
increase, but I will not
sit back and let their futures
only serve me I want them
to be healthy I want them
to be happy I especially
want her to veer away
from the journey I had to
take that lasted more
than a lifetime to reverse
in direction.
I had no guidance
I had no talking sense
I had no hope given
to what would be my
future tense
for her I want health
to be a better choice
and to make better sense
I will work with her
try with her
not let it go
as stupid inconvenience.

May 2, 2016

Where Are We Headed?

So many unknowns lying
ahead so many choices
to be made based on so
many decisions or mistakes of
the past.
Where is Puerto Rico going?
How will it recover from this
monetary disaster as many
more are leaving faster and
faster will this jewel of The
Caribbean lose its shine can
it continue to exist as
a commonwealth design?
Where is Ecuador going?
How will it recover from this
natural disaster as many are
dying faster and faster will
this beautiful well governed
South American nation be
beautiful again for each
future generation?
Where is The Middle East going?
How will it recover from such
war torn disaster as many more
are fleeing countries faster and faster
only to be disenfranchised as they
are turned away at each border
joining up and letting ISIS
become the new order?
Where is America going?
How will it recover from
this political disaster as
more hatred keeps spreading
faster and faster is there
any real choice who does
NOT possess the voice  of “You are
the slave, I am the master”?

April 27, 2016

My Book, Lower Price!!

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Hello! Just wanted to share that my book is now on sale at a lower price!

$6.oo US and lower also on Amazon UK and Amazon Europe!!

Its available in both soft cover and Kindle forms.

I hope some of you will check it out!!  Hugs and have a great day!!



Product Details

April 23, 2016

Cura Ecuador

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Ecuador provendra
su gente otra vez
sera feliz otra vez
pasa la tragedia
que paso en este mes.
Gritamos por Ecuador
lloramos por todo
la nacion
rezamos que el futuro
se mejora
la situacion.
La voz de Ecuador
es tan maravillosa
como la cancion
de una paloma
Ecuador provendra
de los escombros
de la muerte
reconstruira su honor
su belleza
y fuerte.

April 16, 2016

Words On Fire!

As poets we celebrate
the word
the amazing word
we ignite the word
we enhance the word
we elevate the word
we dance
we dance with the word
hoping every word
is as amazing as any
has ever heard!
With our words we
in an ongoing
sharing who we are
what we are
what shines the brightest
in our wishing star
we make the wishes
hoping the listeners
will grant them and
hear every hour
the amazing
soul expounding power
of what we the poets
have to say
have to share
have to with a fine tooth
comb get out of our hair
bringing with our vision
a break from blue despair
as we bring our party
to all who will listen
to all who will hear
to all who will read
to all who will appear
to be touched by every
amazing word
that we sing
with spoken song
off the tips of our
tongues into his or her

April 8, 2016

A Step Above Him

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A Step Above Him
So much the woman can
see what the man
cannot. The woman sees
hears and knows while the
man only detects
what the data pattern shows.
She the motherland
he the fatherland
she the dove
he the eagle
more aggressive
with his hand.
She the maker of
more lasting peace
as she finds ways
to enable the tension
of the day to decrease.
Can he be
what she can
he the more
commanding man
she can achieve what he
only tries with greater
desire and engulfing
fire burning truer
in her eyes.
He can be and
he can do but
she can arrive
where he wants to
letting greater sense
and peace ensue
he may lay plans
but she got the glue
what he can only
vision she can see

April 5, 2016

New Day’s Reward

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Every seed planted
every step taken
every eye now opened
to a previous unknown.
As we reawaken
our opinions
long hardened
have been re-shaped
and shaken as a
new day reveals a
brighter dawn
the old ways
the yesterdays
distant memories
A new priority
now envisioned
a new advancement
a new decision
to take a stance
on a taken chance
sharing a dance
with a new romance
desiring to embark
desiring to enhance.
Opening the eyes
to take in the
beauty on our
earth in our skies
holding in our
hearts that every
day we newly see
is not a scripted
right but a valuable

April 3, 2016


Migueltio The North Country Latino makes the yummy casserole like Dominican dish Yaroa.

March 28, 2016

All Belonging

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We want to build
walls against
invaders suddenly
we  become the haters
patroling the
streets where we think
live the carriers setting up
our mind’s own narrow cut
barriers causing hate to
manifest from within while
on the out we point
the finger to another color skin.
Every religion, nationality,
gender, culture,
and race has its moderate
thinkers mixed with
a more extremist
face passing hateful
swell all over the place
building its destructive
loveless base
of men
of women
in every case
who come to believe
that others are
the worthless
inhuman disgrace
for whom bullets and bombs
should ensue a deadly
Countries are cracking
like a dollar store
vase while a hateful
aroma invades the air
like mace
we need to break
down the hate
we need to heal this
mental case
not with separation
or isolation but
the knowledge to
embrace the many
people many beliefs
many spirits many
hearts that complete
this God given world
and all its many
different parts.
We live here not to
make it one in
the same but one
of variety free of
prejudice or shame
once we all believe it
once we all achieve it
we then become winners
in this life long game.
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