September 4, 2015

Game On!

Where have all the voices gone?

Some are left

intoning their best

keeping things interesting

keeping moments inspiring

while slowly their time

their value

is expiring

as they are thrown

to the back

in exchange for those

who lack.

It really mattered

who said what of who

did what and how they

said of who

where and when

so the moment

big or small

would never

be forgotten.

Recent choices

are lacking

real voices

with any real personality

memorable personality

dryer in taste

than any martini

only settling for flat

soda banter

is if the moment

does not matter.

Dick Enberg,

Brett Mussberger,

Bob Cole,

Vin Scully,

Ted Darling,

Rick Jennerette,

Keith Jackson,

Danny Gallivan,

Al Michaels,

Howard Cossell,

Van Miller,

Curt Gowdy,

Marv Albert,

Phil Rizzuto,

Ralph Kiner,

Mark Lee,

Bob Kostas,

Pat Summerall.

These guys have

or had the voice

and could really

tell it all.


August 30, 2015

Daily Value

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Do not let time


because five years from now you never


you may be replaced as the star of the


what you still think sells will actually


You think you have it all while your back is


behind the scene you are about to get


by new eyes ablaze with all they have


passing judgment on you that your court has


When you least

expect it

and cannot

detect it

like a big


right before your


like you biggest


all will


like a bad


with no


your ratings will


your reputation will



you keep reinventing


keep climbing back

upon the high shelf.

Let them talk

all their smack

while they wish they were


behind your back.


August 19, 2015

An Identity Shared is Published (and available)

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Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for following me.

I wanted to share this in case any of you were interested!! My book “An Identity Shared” is available at Amazon. Its on Amazon Europe as well.  Its a number of my poems, especially my earlier ones, so its not as if “you’ve read them all”. Below is the link.  Please check it out. Love to all!!


August 6, 2015

Summer’s Refreshing

In the summer’s heat

of an arid day many

particles of dust blow

when the occasional

breeze makes a rare

guest appearance.

Breezes as valuable

as Loonies in Toronto

send the dust down

the path running for

cover in directions

generally undermined.

The breeze that blows

down our backs and

across our faces

baked in despair encourages

a change in momentum and

retooling of our dreams.

A Heaven-sent swallow of

refreshing water-like energy

revitalizes our dreams,

our goals, our ambitions so

as not to leave them to

blow with the dust now gone.

Taking that drink before it

too runs dry is a choice

to purchase what money cannot

buy in raising achievements

encouraging accomplishments

of aspirations aimed high.

July 30, 2015

Pixley Day

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Sunning out on a July

Sunday afternoon in the

warmth of summer’s harvest

of air.

The heat

settles down as

a gentle breeze comes floating

off the natural wonder

before me.

This wonderful falls

no less wonderful than that

of Niagara or than that

of Victoria.

This beautiful place on this

beautiful day may be smaller

and may be simpler but is still enjoyed

by many.


July 18, 2015

Shrimp with White Sherry Sauce ~ Gambas Al Jerez

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes the Spanish recipe Gambas Al Jerez or Shrimp with White Sherry Sauce!!

July 9, 2015

Woman Of Wine

Copy (2) of DSC02623

Streams of water rushing

down in a steady brook-like

formation as the terrain

of a gravel ridden path

is overcome and overwrought

by days of unrelenting rain.

As morning’s light shines through

her enhanced window of homespun

delight she awakens from a

night where her spirit flew endlessly

into and out of the arms of fantasies desired.

Dressing in the bounty of her

fashion so fascinating to the

eye she wends her way down

the path her supple shoulders

illuminated by the bright

presence of the sun no longer

absent as in the days of recent past.

Step by step she avoids the rushes

and the mud created by the former days of

rain which kept production at bay

but availed her a spiritual and

emotional cleansing of her skin

her heart her mind and

her soul as she took contentment

and took enjoyment at the reception

of every drop upon her ever beauteous face.

Having made her way down

the path she approaches the acres

of priceless treasured grapes

ornamented upon the inspiring hillside

of the glistening nearby coast.

Many hours choosing

many hours sampling

many hours handpicking the

finest of the vines

that her pallet perceives

as the richest and sweetest

as if kissing the lover

of her night’s greatest longings.

Hours passing sun

setting as night’s

stars and the moon’s glow

replace the day’s sun with a

light more reserved but calm and

void of reproaching clouds and storms.

A light shines through another enhanced

window where she bathes so beautiful

in jasmine, rose petals, and coconut

zest easing the pangs of her long labors

enjoying the quiet

enjoying the comfort

of bathing her body

surrounded by candles

of vanilla and cinnamon

while she sips a glass

of the production her heart

is daily inspired

daily desired to help

with love to



July 7, 2015

Feed The Greed

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Feel the need

feed the need

they feel the

need to feed the

greed forcing us to

bleed more for

their seed

we feel the need

to grow more weed

to economically succeed

while our brain cells recede.

Many diss those who

are not of their breed

who do not subscribe to

their narrow mind creed

because they were born

of a different seed

and in arrogant eyes

they only impede

the closed minded doctrines

to which many heed

seen as unworthy

not up to speed

thinking them void

of any good deed.

So many miss

the signals we

should read

that wars have been


slaves have been


equality and goodwill

have been nationally


only to fall upon

deaf dissing ears

no matter how much

we teach

inform or


clouding over the

benefit of

medical need

clouding over the

ever present harvest of



July 5, 2015


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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Venezuelan/Colombian Arepas, the hottest trend in Latino Cuisine!!

June 18, 2015

How Can We Stop It?

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They need help

it is that simple

it is that easy to

see they need help

their vision lost

of the best they

can be their vision

distorted by every past

shooting spree

that every page on

the net tags so famously.

They play games today

that lack real


that lack real


of people that

have real


real faces

who would actually

die in the

violent car chases

seen by kids today

barely old enough

for braces

who learn

how to burn

with no real


for social


or societal


I am not one

who believes that

a gun

should totally go


removing the rights

of those who

hunt or

properly display

but somehow

and somewhere

there needs to be


a solution

to keep them out

of hands

that will


the innocent



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