September 13, 2017

Tomorrow Is In Our Hands Today

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What are we doing?

What are we not doing?

What are our younger

and future generations

going to really and truly

learn to do because

we who once did see

things through became

dependent on someone or

something else that could

just as well do it too.


We have learned to simply

press buttons and simply

look at screens to simply

get what we want

learn what we want

create what we want

even alter information

if it is not

what we want

simply by a gadget’s

ways and means.


Now we do not even

go to the

store we now

shop online more

and more if we have

to actually go somewhere

we want an Uber driver or

self-driving car to

get us there.


So much of what we now

have and so much of what

we now do were originally

developed as aids for those

who could not get out and

do so as more and

more of us who can

get out and about seeing

every day through

we must ask ourselves

when guiding our

younger generations

“Are we enabling them to learn,

and are we being true?”





September 9, 2017

Intense Times

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Winds are blowing.

Near futures not knowing.


Grounds are shaking.

Many lives the disaster taking.


Western fires burning.

Walls of flames constantly churning.


Many people fleeing.

Safer locations they hope to be seeing.


Island living destroyed.

Aid workers soon to be deployed.


Prices of gas and necessities rising.

Gauging, while illegal, is sadly not surprising.


Many searching for loved ones buried in rubble,

hoping to rescue them safely from trouble.


Many others passionately praying

that God will listen to what they are saying.


Hearts are opening and hands are giving

to aid those in need of the basics for living.


That those who need help

will rightfully receive it!!


That those who can tend to someone’s pain

will relieve it!!



August 31, 2017

Inspired Through Tragedy

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The waters are rising

in more places.


There are more heartbreaking stories

more sad faces.


With each new day

new tragic cases.


Many searching for the missing

hoping to find clues or traces.


Many rising in the shelters

joined in songs of God’s Graces.


Many forgetting about differences

in faiths, philosophies, or races.


Many forgetting about the past’s

conflicts, arguments, or disgraces.


May their inspiration

increase in size

as the flooding

does deplete and



the good relations

the smiles

and the embraces.



August 29, 2017

Summer’s Closing

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The pool water

no longer fresh and fun

now rancid and colder

used and so much older

no longer a relaxing


from the hotter


summer sun.

The pool water

no longer joyful

to the eyes

now forgotten

now rejected

in the aging


summer skies.



August 24, 2017

Violence Eclipsed

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The light followed

by the brief lack of light


The two hours of darkness

we followed in a coast to coast trail


That trail of darkness

we all watched together


That darkness

became our inspirational light


That darkness

showed us the way


That darkness brought us

together in the middle of a day


The eclipsing of winners and losers

of backgrounds and races


The eclipsing of opposition

as we all lifted our faces


looking instead to the beauty of

God’s daily graces


we united as one in the

blocking of the sun


despite the differences in

our ideological and geographical places.





August 16, 2017

Hate Has No Place

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We are

living in a nation

whose overall creation

was of free speech

for all not imperial



A war was fought

against a confederation

lead by those who denounced

their slaves’ liberation

hoping to stamp out Lincoln’s

efforts toward

union preservation.


We have since seen

a generation that

further fought for equalization

achieving of note

the right to vote

and the overthrow

of unlawful Jim Crow

through righteous legislation.


In more recent years

we have seen the rise of

more recent fears do to

failed mediation

that has brought about

reasonable doubt

and erosion of

our equal foundation

as if bigotry and hate

are to be served a plate

and equality is up to

ambiguous interpretation

forcing those fighting

for righteousness to

settle for senseless



Keep your eyes on the prize

not settling for mindless




August 13, 2017

4 Layer Refrigerator Dessert

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes a 4 layer refrigerator dessert that is great for the summer and not too heavy!

August 9, 2017

Daily Tides

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A sunny afternoon

tames the breezes


that push the water

further inward toward


the shores of my destiny

that receive the crashes


of each day’s episodic

purposes in a wake


of many uncountable waves

some uncontrollable some


pristine and more maneuverable

through each day’s wading into


uncharted and unknown circumstances

yet to be realized.



Torta De Carne Asado

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes an awesome Mexican beef sandwich, the Torta.

August 3, 2017

La Ciudad

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When visiting a city

do so with respect.


In a city of which you do not reside

you are the guest of those who do.


A city is a living place of living people

and has been for many years.


Buildings were built for its citizens

to live and to function.


Every structure was not built with the satisfaction

to be everybody’s convenient tourist attraction.


Every stairway in every building may not be easiest to everyone

but everyday people who climb those stairs know how to get their daily task done.


Streets and transportation have

helped residents commute to every necessary location.


Things happen in a city as part of everyday life

as there are amazing happenings on some days and some of struggle and strife.





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