March 10, 2019

Chicken-Tarragon Stew With Sweet Potato Dumplings.

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Warm comfort food on a cold winter’s evening!!


March 5, 2019

Madness Of March (in the northeast)

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Such a long month

sometimes miserable

drizzly and


sometimes dragging

time feels like its


sometimes still cold

still bound with snow

or ice

that cause so many

longing for spring

to coil back up

and feel like



No real breaks

no days off

unless one falls

sick at home with

a nasty cold or

relentless cough

sometimes Easter

falls within

but when it does

it feels out of

place since a typically

warmer April Easter

brings a brighter smile

to my face.


It is not like March

when I lived down

south where the colors

of the flora and

fauna made me feel

like I was walking in

a vibrant greenhouse.









But life will move on

it takes



to get past

March’s often exhausting

vibe and drizzly

bleak appearance.


Each day and each

week will eventually



go by

as the ice

the snow

and the mud


will all





setting the stage

for spring’s brighter


happy sky.



February 15, 2019

Taking Back Caracas

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The voices of the people

not just a few

not just a single

solitary crowd

not just an opposing

few in a feeble attempt

to shout out loud what

they want their country

to do.


They are the people

who once made sure

they could still keep

alive the power of

their voices

making their vote

count in order to keep

their power to make

democratic choices.


Now they walk together

in large concentrations

taking over block after

block showing the world

who looks back in shock

that they still have

the power to bring down

a situation that has

been choking their country

for a whole generation.


Almost twenty years

of fixed elections

are hopefully going

down in a fabulous

furious flame having

dealt with two men

who systematically

funneled their once

great country into

a torrential






starving their

people while they

have more than plenty

to eat causing so

many to lose everything

having to take to living

on the street.



with its three yellow

blue and red bars

centered by a

rainbow arch

of eight beautiful

stars take

back your economy

restoring the value

of your Bolivars

take back your productivity

so that children can

go back to school

teachers can teach

pastors can preach

all of you can by food

and afford clothing

and necessities having

jobs to which you can

go to by bus, train,

or driving in your cars!


Bring in a better

person who can

hopefully keep you

moving forward

healing the years

of violence and


healing the national

wounds and scars





February 5, 2019

Guiding Them Right

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Children acting as if they

are above adults while

adults are off acting like

children leaving no

children in their charge

to teach

to inspire

or supervise

and we wonder where

children get the



un loving

looks that shockingly

yet in reality


emit from their

still quite immature



The belief that every

child is only full of

love never holding in

hate as if every child

is every day a morally

clean slate they take in

what they are given

what they are taught

what they are told

what they are shown,

if they are subject to

violence to open

prejudice and other forms

of hate by adults who

they seem to identify

with and appreciate

then how can we in

all reality

expect a child to be

full of love









Children are smart

they have a brain

and a heart

they feel and

they know

what that adults

around them care

to show they can

pick up when adults

just do not care

as if their presence

in the room only adds

to the hot air and

they can tell when

an adult does really

care to fill them with

good with nourishment

and growth that they

can confidently and





January 30, 2019

A Balance So Needed!

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Such a rising time of

oppression such a time

of the rise outward

aggression as if we have

regressed in time to former

days to former ways to

former minds when so

many kept closed their

intellectual enlightening



So many now squint when

they open their eyes shutting

out a portion of the world not

wanting to see the entire wonder

of its lands no wanting to know

the beauty of its endless skies.


To a much greater degree

so many were once able to

agree to disagree without

failing to see what the

good intentions and good

ideas of the opposing

could possibly and

practically be.


Why does it make such

greater sense that so

many should take such

greater offense when we

all know that the

true beauty in this

world is full of


difference in race

in religion

in language

in ethnicity


in wealth

in gender

in wisdom

and philosophy

so many differences

yet so many


as far as the

ears can hear

and the eyes can


similarities and differences

on every block

in every neighborhood

in every corner of



So why do so many

practice so much

oppression and

open aggression

stifling other voices

like a persecuting


stripping down

and taking away

others outward

expression looking

only to generate



and basic hate

thinking that such

actions will make

life better





so many think

that the beauty

in the world

can continue to


if they only outmuscle

and only strive to


without so much as

even an ounce to




January 16, 2019

Attitude Check

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You can walk from

the train thinking every

other man and woman

is a pain while they

are the souls who choose

to refrain from outward

displays of behavior

so insane that others

begin a deterioration of

the brain desiring that

your presence will soon not

remain so that they vibe

in the space will not

continue to drain.

Are you really thankful

for the family around

you or constantly in

fear of biting more

than you can chew

thinking that someone

else constantly owes you

regardless of the fact

your dependent minimally

knows you missing totally

out on what their ignorance

shows you through the

constant barrage of

curve-bombs they throw

you assuming your world

is in a room with

your own view thinking

everyone or

everything you

see below is so new

when it all comes

down to one fact,




January 6, 2019

My 9th Anniversary Show!

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Pollo Agridulce – A Puerto Rican recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken.


January 3, 2019

Driving Through Snow Devils

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Spinning wildly like

the sands of the southwest

to the ominous clouds

above they are a visual

vigorous show down below

as the trees all around them

plead back to the skies

pleading for the days to come

when once again spring will

open its eyes.


Some are smaller like a

soda bottle twister

some bond together like

a hot spring giving off

steam the largest rise

like a coastal wave

then linger in the air

like the mist in a theatrical

or televised dream.


The skies dominated

by the darker grey

do offer some brighter

blue to add hope to the

ending day that the severity

of the winds will eventually

cease leaving those out

and about with a calmer

travel and a greater sense

of peace hoping that maybe

the numerous spinning

little devils will totally






December 24, 2018

Joy Through The Cold

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Late December moves

in with clouds dominating

as a little brush of orange

and a little dash of blue

try to counteract the

darkness with a subtle

peek through.


The days and nights try to

turn colder as the year

grows inevitably older but

not without a beam of

light from Christmas Eve

Christmas Day and Christmas

Night landing upon

my shoulder.


The air to me

while chilly it may be

always holds something

a little more inspiring in

the late days when the year

is rapidly retiring something

about this inspiration gives

me a mental and emotional

rewiring as if the spirits

around me along with my

heart and my soul are

perpetually conspiring to

raise within me what is

fallen and old to warm

within me what is tired

and cold to touch me

with something more

heartwarming more

chilling and thrilling

because unlike the presents

and other holiday pleasants

this joyful undertaking

cannot be bought

or sold.



December 5, 2018

Changes Ahead

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There is a crack in

the window a crack from

the stone which many like to



There is a weed in the ground

that has risen to surround every

beautiful rose now not allowed to



There is a beautiful swan who

had been swimming on a pond which is

now frozen over so that its water may not



There is a person in charge who likes

to live high and large controlling what

his people have and what they need to



There is a wave of doubt and fear

that has been put in high gear

but many voices have made it

clear that in the coming next

year the winds of change so

mysterious often strange

have surely

have confidently

have solidly

have seriously

started to flow.



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